Tuesday’s Tale: creativity starts from a belief

A friend posted this on Facebook one Monday morning, when I was demotivated from my studies. It was a simple truth, yet inspirational nonetheless.

As people grow older, I notice that that they are more afraid of change, they are scared of wishing once upon a star, and instead of taking risk and making that giant leap of faith, they turn around and go back to stage 1.

The probability of falling is there, yet if you persist, I believe that one day you will look back and feel grateful that you make that mistake. Because the successful people out there have experienced failures first before they succeed, and the difference lies on whether they keep getting up on their knees after falling or not.

Think when you were still a kid
Think when you were a kid everything is possible

You put a blanket over your back,
Then you became a superman

You take your mom’s broom and ride on it
Then you became a witch

You climb up the tree
not knowing that you might fell
You simple made it

You just had and idea and made it happen
because you believe
You were then creative with strong belief

As you became adult, things seem to be a little different
When you failed in your exam
You think “I can never make it”

When you have a brilliant marriage proposal
Then you think “maybe it’s not the right time”

When you want to start a business
You think “maybe it’s not as easy”

When you are already in the business
You heard someone say do not take risk

Then, when you have a brilliant idea that,
can create more jobs for poorer nations,
can provide better living for more people,
can make our nation proud,
can help the growth of our nations,
and can create a better world,
and you say, “I’m not sure”

You are still creative but with more doubt

Then a years later, you heard someone
had the same idea as yours

What makes him different from you?

His action
He puts his idea into reality
He’s the most promising creative young entrepreneur of the year
His action won him this recognition

Then you start to think
How I wish I had taken action that years ago

Think when you were a kid
If that idea come by when you were still a kid
Could you have taken action??

When back then, you suddenly believe

It is never to late
You just need to have an idea and make it happen
You still can… if you believe

Creativity starts from a BELIEF


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