Tesselaar Tulip Farm 2011

An overdue travel post, but late is better than never.

Five of us went to the Tulip Farm one Saturday afternoon, and it was a lovely day indeed. The day started with 50 minutes drive to the Tulip Farm, walking around there for around three hours, and then going to Pie in The Sky for having coffee and uhm, pies (yes, we drove all the way to Dandenong). Dinner was at a chinese restaurant nearby my apartment (Grand Tofu), and we all had a fantastic day!

photos courtesy of TJ.

I know, I know, there were lots of other colours and we have taken heaps of photos, but I like yellow (blogger bias here).

Even though it was beautiful, the previous tulip farm was way much better. This was my second time going, and I noticed less tulips, and the food was quite overpriced.

From left: Ivan Subiakto, Pohan Lukito, Jessica Purnama, me, and Tjokro Aminoto (TJ)

That said, it was a refreshing trip nonetheless ;)

Ps. The meaning of yellow tulip is there’s sunshine in your smile.

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One thought on “Tesselaar Tulip Farm 2011

  1. ah, loosing my way here.. have you moved to somewhere in Holland?
    maann.. dying to be there in the middle of the farm :cry:
    btw, which one is prettier? the tulips or the girl in the middle? ;) #teasing

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