Life updated: second year is officially over

I should have been saying that yesterday (Wednesday, exactly at 4.15pm), but anyway, here you go: my second year is officially finished!

So the critical dates are: 4 November – portfolio for Introduction to Media Writing due, 7 November – Cognitive Psychology exam, 9 November – Deafness final essay due, 16 November – Personality Psychology exam.

It’s kind of exciting and daunting at the same time when you only have one more year to finish your bachelor degree.

So how’s the week been going?

No, I didn’t watch any movies in the cinema last weekend (but I’m positively sure that I’ll watch the Three Musketeers during this weekend). So tomorrow’s review will be about a very ancient TV series, but it was good, seriously.

I had quite a good chat with my Cognitive Psych tutor yesterday. I asked some questions about psychology and now I’m thinking more and more about being a psychologist and working in the education system. No kidding.

Okay, so the image above describes on how exciting a life in Psychology can be (taken straight from my lecture notes, isn’t it exciting already?)

What makes it so hard about being a psychologist is the studying. My first obstacle is of course to get into Honours degree, and when University of Melbourne is the 7th best Psychology University in the world, it’s that hard.

Out of 700 students who are enrolled in Psychology, only about 70 will get in, not to mention all the other international students and the local students from other universities. Gee, I’m excited.

Having an average of 80 throughout all your second and third year subjects is that hard, with an emphasis on Media and Communication. It’s an essay-based subjects, so how can I possibly score H1 in essays? (especially compared to local students whose writing is very good indeed). I am considering of changing my mediacom major to a minor right now, and doing other easier subjects instead (to get better marks so my average will be higher), but I guess it’s not worth it either.

Second question, what subjects should I take next semester? It’s quite hard to choose the subjects, because most of the subjects are of my interest. University has never been harder, and now I envy those people who know exactly what they want to become in ten years’ time, instead of me who slowly try to discover my ‘dream job’ as life goes along.

Image of the week. I had a good laugh actually.

News of the week.. Victoria’s worsening child abuse crisis. I never know that child abuse happens in Australia, and at a surprisingly high rate.

“A FOUR-year-old girl, who had been exposed to domestic violence and medical neglect all her life, was malnourished because her parents had never given her food suitable for a toddler.

Despite her age, she could still not eat solids, had terrible tooth decay, and had never been toilet trained.

The girl had poor gross motor skills and could barely communicate.”

Please let children be children.

And… music of the week! There are three songs actually, and they are all great. First vote goes to Michael Buble’s Save the last dance for me (I wonder why I never hear this song before, big mistake, Marcella!); second vote goes to Ryan Shupe’s Dream Big (the lyrics just blows my mind away); and third vote goes to Heartland’s I loved her first (father-daughter song, I love it!).

Well, Happy Thursday from me with my Barista Latte (3/4 latte with special roasted beans – yum), just so you know that I’m still alive and breathing, enjoying my cup of coffee and getting fatter.

And just in case you want to know what my voice sounds like… Out of boredom yesterday (well, actually as an excuse for not studying), I made a cover of two Indonesian songs, titled Setia by Jikustik and Teka Teki Cinta by Project Pop. And yes, I played the piano (have I mentioned that I can play the piano?). It is a bit lousy, but I have made it anyway, so, here you go! I had fun =D.


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