Tuesday’s Tale: Just a Nice Guy (part 3)

So here’s one of the most exciting parts of a relationship: getting the girl.

On one hand, it may mean to mark your calendar forever as the date of your ‘official relationship’, or on the other hand, it may mean ruining your friendship with the other party forever.

However, looking from my previous experiences (and others’ as well), don’t guys ask girls out if they are already sure that the answer will be ‘yes’? Well, I guess this is the first case. It is obvious that both parties like each other, it’s just a matter of time of when the guy will ask her out.

Yet the second scenario will be: the guys have no idea whatsoever of the girls’ feelings, and they decided to take the risk: rejection. It’s either you get the girl, or you don’t. No more ‘trying to make our friendship last’, yada yada yada. My top tip will be: hey guys, if you believe that you are the one who can make your girl happy, way happier than other guys, and you can love her better, tell her.

The third scenario is the ugliest of all: the guys know that the answer will probably be ‘no’, yet they want to tell their feelings anyway. They are ready for the possible rejection that they might get, but they think that, “If I don’t tell her, she will never know.” And I applaud the guys who do this, you have my utter respect!

“If I don’t say anything, I could lose her to someone else.
If I do say something, she might not feel the same way.
And our friendship will become really awkward.
But… What if she does feel the same? Is it worth to find out?”

Part Three – The Risk
“Nice guys finish last”

Nick is the nice guy we all know. He’s polite, considerate, friendly…and single. In this third and final part of the series, Nick has to decide whether to preserve the friendship he has with Amy by not telling her how he really feels, or to take the chance and reveal it all.

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