knowing your passion: psych journalist? why not.

Upon the release of the University of Melbourne’s 2012 handbook, I have discovered something that I have always known: I have no idea about what my passion is.

By Monday I need to decide what subjects will I take next semester, and seriously, I have no idea. It’ll be the last year in uni and I want to take the subjects that will compliment my career in the future. Yet again, I have no idea of what to become.

My passion, is definitely, writing. Yes, I can see that, but where can writing take me? I don’t even have a decent grammar to start with. Movies. Yes, I love watching movies. I can remember all the lines (well maybe not all) of my favourite movies, and it is where I get inspiration as well. Coffee. Well, yes and no. I mean, I love coffee, it’s a pure enjoyment for me. But I guess that’s all: it’s just indulgence.

After taking another long shower, I still did not know the answer. Desperately I typed “how to discover your passion questionnaire” on Google, and landed on this article: 7 Questions To Finding Your True Passion. So this is what I’ll do: answering the 7 Qs.

What puts a smile on your face?

Movies. definitely. Ask me to watch the new release movie at any cinema and (most likely) I will say yes. During holidays, I will hold an event which is called “movie marathon”, and I love it. I have never missed this event, not even once.

Writing. Yes, it’s evident isn’t it? Even when I’m trying to think about what my passion is, I’m writing it in my blog. Writing is something that comes naturally for me, something that I like to do.

Inspirational stories. I don’t know if this counts, but I like to read stories: from personal experiences, opinion articles, motivational stories, or the inspirational ones. Reading others’ writings inspire me.

History. Don’t ask me to go shopping. In the fashion world, I’ll be considered a weirdo. Ask me to go to museums, and I will definitely say yes. My favourite movies are the ones that include historical evidences, and of course, war. I love the past. I have considered being an archaeologist once, but I think it’s kind of goal-less (I mean, I really want a job that can help and inspire people, instead of just digging tombs and learning the ancient culture of a dynasty, even though I like it).

What do you find easy?

Writing? (oh does that count?) I find writing is easy, but writing a story and giving some justice to it is another problem. I find it easy to procrastinate, to read heaps and heaps of articles about Psychology (latest educational and mental news), opinion articles about life (e.g. relationship, work, education, love, death), and to take a long shower while daydreaming.

I find it easy to remember lyrics and movies’ dialogues. I can recite the next dialogue of a movie character while watching it, even before they say it, and it’s usually 98% correct (ask my second sister). I find it easy to talk to new people, to make my friends ‘spill the beans’ (for example, asking them to tell me ‘stories’ about their crushes, love life, problems, etc). I find it easy to act mature (i.e. imparting ‘words of wisdom’ and advices to people, even though they may not be correct) and to be childish (i.e. making immature decisions, being selfish, being highly emotional).

I find it easy to cry over something, from ‘not-so-sad’ movies to ‘very-very-very-sad’ movies. I find it easy to judge people (God forgive me), and to talk my opinions out loud. I find it easy to be quiet among my friends (if all of them are talking, I don’t really have the ‘will’ to talk), yet I find it easy to be super talkative as well (if no one is talking, I will talk non-stop).

I find it easy to fall in love, to have hope again, to smile after five-minute crying, to laugh after being upset for ten minutes, and to forget the things that I want to forget.

What sparks your creativity?

This one is hard. I have left my creative life back in high school (the times when I was still active in student council etc). I guess, I am creative in thinking about the topics that I want to write in my blog… (okay, that sounds wrong).

I think I’m creative when doing something that is beneficial to me… You know, at work I move things around to make them more practical (that’s a form of creativity, right?). I’m really creative when daydreaming,and when trying to think of a topic to write for my blog (didn’t I say that already?). Oh well, guess I’m not that creative.

What would you do for free?

Well luckily, I have done something for free: writing! Blogging and interning in Meld Magazine definitely are my two best decisions ever made in my life (okay, they are the top ones). I’d review movies for free, give my insights to people’s problems for free, and speak my opinions for free. I’d like to teach others for free (like, high school students).

What do you like to talk about?
RELATIONSHIP. That’s my number one list, I guess. “How’s your love life?” is one of the most frequent question that I ask to my friends (second after “How’s life?”). I’m always interested to know people’s opinions about boy-girl relationships..

Next, is about passion, education, and work. Well, something along the line. I like to talk about my opinions towards the education system, and about learning-what-you-are-passionate-about vs learning-what-is-able-to-get-you-a-job. I like to challenge my friends of why they choose the majors they are in now.

What makes you unafraid of failure?

Ehm, I guess, again, writing. I have failed countless times in my writing journey, yet I’m still here, writing this blog post for you to read. Even if my writing’s not that good, the fact that I keep on writing reflects how keen I am in learning more (which is actually rarely done). The second one, I guess, is being a psychologist. The funny thing is, when asked by people of what I’m studying, I always answer that I’m majoring in Psychology (and not the Media and Communication part). Sometimes I feel that I’m just too lazy to tell them about my double major, plus the words are too long. Yet it makes me think though, do I really think Psychology as my ‘major’ Major?

What would you regret not having tried?

Being a psychologist. Yes, I think I’d regret that. I’d regret of not being a full-time journalist either. Sometimes I fancy myself of having my own counseling office, while operating my own website or freelancing to others. I’d regret on not trying to publish my own book. I’d regret not living my life.

While writing this post, a friend said to me, “Why don’t you be a psych journalist?” I was surprised, “Is there such a thing?” Well, my interest is always about life issues and people (psychology) and  the way I express my interest is through writing (blog). Yet Psychology in higher education is equal to science, research, theories, and experiments. I despise that. But being a psychologist and a journalist is fancy enough, I guess.


3 thoughts on “knowing your passion: psych journalist? why not.

  1. Hmm that’s really interesting actually. I don’t mind working for a youth magazine, and I’m always attracted towards the education sector… But let’s see how in the near future ;) thanks for the insight!

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