life updated: where is the love?

The past week I have been talking much about love and relationship, and suddenly earlier this week I saw many disturbing issues about humanity, oh gosh, where is the love?

Guess what? Psychology is right. Morality is not inherently rational. While we know what are we supposed to do – what our moral told us to do – sometimes we just failed to do that. But sadly, some mistakes may even cost someone else’s life.

I remember Dr Martin Luther King saying that, “I have a dream.” Today, we have to dream more, and to dream higher. Dream of a world where it’s a better place to live in.

Okay, enough about that, time to lighten the mood up a little bit.

My work turned out to be quite okay, although tiring, and I still keep on making mistakes. But I’ll get there, I promise. :)

I finished some lectures and I feel proud of myself, I have actually started studying! Well, it’s kinda slow,  I know, but at least I’ve done something…

And I don’t know why the ‘home’ page of my blog doesn’t display the ‘big picture’ (or featured image…) as it used to do. I’ve been trying all sorts of things but nothing happened. guess i just leave it for a couple of days and try contacting the wordpress authorities in the next couple of weeks…

Here’s another good (or bad) news: I started watching the series How I met your mother,  and I love it! I watched the first season, till episode 10, but… it’s a very terrible timing. Exam’s in 3 weeks, and I’m starting to watch series? My external HD full of movies should be grounded till my exam’s finished… (but no, I don’t think I’ll ever do that).

Last Saturday I watched the movie The Eye of the Storm (an oz movie, starring Geoffrey Rush), stay tuned for the review tomorrow!

And sadly, my ex-housemate, which is also the head of the kitchen ministry at church, went back to Indonesia yesterday (like, for good). Hope for a safe journey and all the best for you (Maria Gita Heryanto) in Indo!

IPC kitchen ministry 2011

And oh, another story’s up. check out: 1 in 3 international students evade fares: “it’s just too expensive”.

One more thing: I have written a very interesting article (believe me: it’s about very interesting issue indeed *ehm, self promotion lol), stay tuned for the Monday’s breaking blog post! sneak peak: no plan B for single women. Interested?

Keep up the love guys, and let me remind you of an old song, which is a heartwarming one indeed.

Happy Thursday!


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