life updated: countdown – 1 month before exam

I just checked my exam timetable earlier this week and the horrible dates are: 7 and 16 November. Two other final assignments are due one week before. uh-oh.

This semester has been very hectic, with assignment due almost ever week, and yeah, too much skipping classes. Just started studying yesterday (I finished 2 x 2-hour lecture! I think it was a very great achievement for me), and today there will be more studying. My lab report was returned last week and yesterday, and one was not too good (okay, it was good, but it was not as good as I expected, which made me feel sad a bit). But I don’t want to give myself any false hope. Expect nothing, you’ll feel better. That’s what I learn in psychology (from the famous psychologist William James!).

I went to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love during weekend. Stay tuned for the review tomorrow. Overall, it was a very funny movie, I like it. I even got another surprise after watching the movie, it was 09.10.11, so I guess, a day to remember.

I started work on Saturday, and my next shift is now. (in case you are reading this, I AM downstairs, hopefully doing a very good job as a barista/cafe staff at the moment. it’s my first shift alone and I think I’m going to do lots of mistakes. I hope not). My shifts are 3pm-10pm Thursday and Friday, so life will even be more hectic from now on. I enjoy it though (I really hope I will).

And have I ever told you that I like chinese songs? A friend posted this on Facebook, and I fell in love immediately!

Also, I guess Facebook looks like tumblr more and more. I’ve been seeing people sharing funky photos, and here’s my favourite this week:

And hey, there’s one more ;)

And another story’s been published. If you live in Melbourne and like dance and want to spend some money on a unique performance, check this out: Move over Brooklyn… Papua is claiming the pop ‘n’ lock. It’s about an Indonesian choreographer performing his piece, “We came from the east” at Melbourne Festival. Happy (late) Thursday!


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