will you marry me?

Long gone are the days where those innocent girls thinking of dating. Now more and more people around me thinking of a more serious relationship: marriage.

As a little girl growing up with fairy tales, I believe we (girls) have all believed that one day our one Prince Charming, the right guy, will free us away from the evil stepmom and the evil stepsisters (the cruelty of the world), take us to the castle (a big, very nice house), and live happily ever after. I wish it’s that easy, yet life is no fairytale.

More people are getting married, and more others are getting engaged, and I feel like my life changes, little by little. If my friends are getting into a relationship, it’s not that big deal anymore, not like when I was in high school. Being in a relationship is common, and I am now more excited in listening the stories of those who are getting married.

Life changes, doesn’t it?

I rarely hear the stories of my friends asking a girl to be his girlfriend, yet I’m hearing more of those “will you marry me?” stories. We have gone from the sweet 17 parties to watching Axioo pre-wedding videos and photos, thinking on when our queue number will be called.

Day-dreaming. Fantacies. IF it’s my wedding, what kind of design will I want to have? What kind of venue? Will it be an outdoor one? or indoor? Will it be a small party, or a big one? The pre-wedding photos? Pre-wedding videos? What kind of story will I want to portray to the world? and… who’s the lucky one?

I know this, because (I’m not stalking) occasionally I see my friends’ Facebook activities who ‘like’ and leave a ‘comment’ on the pre-wedding photos in Axioo Facebook page. That’s just what girls do, is it? Browsing?

Yet instead of Axioo, my personal favourite is Paper Cranes production. Check some of their videos, they’re all really heartwarming: Melbourne with Love and Meeting Miss Murphy are my personal favourites, including this one below:


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