Tuesday’s Tale: Just a Nice Guy (part 1)

I hear this from the boys countless times: “But girls like bad boys, don’t they? They like someone a bit ‘dangerous’ and ‘cool’ and ‘sporty’ and…”

And no.

So here’s the debate: bad boys vs nice guys.

Well it may be true that some girls do like bad boys, but not all of them. Or let me rephrase that a bit: girls might like bad boys for boyfriends, but for a more serious relationship, we prefer nice guys – or at least, I do.

It’s kind of frustrating when I see guys trying to be someone they are not: to conform with the “majority” of “bad boys” in order to please the opposite sex. Some even try smoking, drinking, going to clubs, and doing all sorts of weird behaviours – just to get her attention. While for some it may work, seriously, it doesn’t really work that well for the rest of us.

Being ‘bad’ and being ‘nice’ is something that is quite important for boys. ‘Bad’ has another meaning of ‘cool’, ‘lady-killer’, and ‘hot’, while ‘nice’ has the meaning of ‘looser’, ‘gay’ or even ‘geek’. Girls befriend the nice guys, but they date the bad guys.

Well, not really.

So what’s the problem here? The mindset of the guys. You want to get the girl, don’t try to be ‘bad’. Try to improve your own quality: sharpen your own manhood.

The video story below is made my WongFu Production, and it is broken to 3 parts. For the next 2 weeks, I will put this video story for all of you to watch. It’s humorous and funny, but in the same time, there’s a truth in it.

Part One – The Problem
“Nice guys finish last.”

Nick is the nice guy we all know. He’s polite, considerate, friendly…and single. In this first part of the 3-part series, Nick explains his frustration with being the nice guy, and tries to figure out if there’s anyway to get the girl he likes, Amy, to see him as anything other than, “a nice guy”.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tale: Just a Nice Guy (part 1)

  1. R.E. says:

    Bad doesn’t mean delinquent. Nice doesn’t mean lousy. I can be a bad guy and a nice guy at the same time.

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