the end’s coming, sooner or later. which direction will you choose?


Talking about the previous guest post, I have drawn specifically on the issue of sharing the gospel. And here’s my thoughts, again.

It’s your mission. It’s my mission. It’s everybody’s mission.

The gospel.

Yes, I know that all non-believers that do not know Jesus will go to hell. But, I rarely thought about that. I always think that, there will be always another day to talk about Jesus. There will always be tomorrow to talk to them. Let other people (e.g. the pastors) do the preaching, I am not obliged to share the gospel to them. But I was wrong.

We are the gatekeepers. You know those people – your friends, your lovers, your parents, your families, your colleagues, whoever they are – if they don’t believe in Jesus, if they don’t believe in the gospel – they are going to hell. We are the gatekeepers of hell. How come I am actually letting them pass, and not pull them away? How come that I actually know that they are heading to hell, but not even once i tell them about the truth?

The preaching of gospel (1. God loves us so much. 2. Everyone has fallen short before the Lord. 3. God gave His only Son to die on the cross so that our sin can be forgiven. 4. Jesus was raised from death. 5. If we believe in Jesus, we can be forgiven from our sins and receive salvation) is our job.

You know, I am the person who always wants to be the other people. When I see those people who have talents in music, in singing, in dancing, in multimedia, in preaching, etc; I want to be like them. I always think that, “Lord, I want to do everything for You, but I can’t do anything. They can sing, they can preach, let them do the work. If I have all those talents then I can serve You.”

The point is, if I am someone who’s ‘big’, then I can serve the Lord.

Never once I saw the gifts that I have within me.

Never once I thought of being faithful towards the little things.

I am a person that always judges others; a person that thinks that, ‘I am better than the others’. I live as if I’m going to live forever – that I can never die. But who am I, really?

Just a vapor in the wind, nothing.

I am a person that always asks for the Holy Spirit to come, for the Lord to do His ways in my life. But I never search for Him. I only ask Him to come, to bless me, to live inside my life; but I never search Him. And today, it hits me – hard.

What right do I have to call myself a Christian, but I’ve never done anything for the Lord?

What right do I have to say that ‘I love You, Lord’, but yet I don’t do what His heart desires?

What right do I have to call myself a Christian, but yet I see those people going to the gates of hell, and not tell the truth?

Am I ashamed? Ashamed of the gospel? Ashamed of God?

Am I afraid? Afraid that people will think of me as ‘weirdo’ or something?

Am I too busy? Too busy doing things FOR MYSELF, and neglect the others?

If God says tonight, “My daughter, your time is up,” what will I say to Him?

I’ve done nothing for Him.

I have all those opportunities – in church, in universities, in buses, anywhere – but yet I sit and do nothing. Their bloods are dripping off my hands. Their souls are going to the gates of hell, and yet I’m not doing anything to stop them.

What right do I have to call myself a Christian?

The good news is, I am still alive today. God has given me another chance.

Remember, there is hell, and there is heaven. And we are the gatekeepers of hell.


5 thoughts on “the end’s coming, sooner or later. which direction will you choose?

  1. Amen, amen, amen! Great post. We don’t want to face the reality of it, but broad is the path to destruction. And many will take it rather than choose the narrow one to eternal salvation. This issue was driven home to me afresh this week because of the death of Steve Jobs. The man is being mourned around the world, praised as a genius, and even compared to Einstein. However, Steve Jobs was not a Christian as far as I could tell in my research.

    All the praise and kind thoughts are worth nothing to him now; his money and power evaporated the moment he stepped out of life into the void. It showed me that success on Earth is nothing when compared to eternity, and that reconfirmed the exact same thought you had in my head. I need to share Jesus with everyone, plant those seeds that others may water, and never waste an opportunity to preach the gospel!

  2. Karen says:

    Meh, this is very inconsiderate of people of the thousands of other faiths (Jobs is a buddhist by the way) and non believers like myself. If only christians go to heaven, then hell must be an absolutely fun place to end up in, because that’s where one could meet the geniuses of the planet and cool rational people like Einstein. See you in hell! Oh one more thing, do you count catholics as christians? Lol

  3. Black Hornet says:

    For Karen.
    Catholics are Christians.
    Christians Protestant, Christian Anglican, Christian Catholics, etc.
    They are all different things working for the same God. As in CIA, FBI, NSA, they are all different but they all work for America.

    Christianity is not a religion, but a way of living. And that way of living is influenced not because we want to go to Heaven, but rather because Jesus already saved us. Granted 75% Christians are hypocrites.

    I’ve never seen hell, but I also not keen on finding out.
    Lets just say heaven and hell are real. And the only way to enter either of them is through religion (Atheism not withstanding because straight void after death). Try and find 1 religion that can grant u a ticket to heaven besides Christianity…again granted Islam doing Jihad and the 72 virgins stuff, but that was told by a man who Islam still say eventhough he was a prophet, still a man. Jesus guaranteed salvation and requires us just to accept that free ticket, and He is God. So if all religions are true, I’d pick Christianity because of the free ticket.

    Now, if there’s no God and no Heaven and Hell, well isn’t that just swell. You can do anything without actually sinning since sin doesn’t exist outside the boundary of God. And when you die, you just vanish to oblivion. The only downside of it is you won’t be saying I told u so in the afterlife, cuz there’s none.

    With these 2 things in mind, I’d choose religion because of a simple hedging purposes. If I die and God doesn’t exist, well…no regrets or hard feelings at all cuz there’s no afterlife to do that. But if I die and God does exist, then thank goodness I had faith while I was alive.

    So after death:
    Atheism without God is void, with God is hell. Zero and minus
    Religion without God is void, with God is Heaven. Zero and plus

    I’d take the zero and plus.

    Regarding great people in Heaven or hell.
    Would you let some stranger to enter your house? Eventhough hes rich, won a nobel peace prize 3 times, and a well mannered man? Well, how would you know those attributes in the first place since he’s a stranger?
    And would you also let some guy whom you know by name only who always bully or insult and harras ur child?

  4. Hi Jamie,

    thank you for such a lovely comment, I hope we all can be God’s ambassadors here in the earth, to spread the good news about Jesus :). all the best for your work in Christ!

    Hi Karen,

    I did not mean to offend anyone by posting this, or converting anyone, I’d just like to share the good news that I know about. I’m not saying that Christians will go to heaven, but those who believe in Jesus Christ, His salvation, and do the will of the Father :).

    Hi Black Hornet,

    Really appreciate your great comment! :). I really agree that Christianity is not a religion, yet it is a way of living. great analogies about religions and about the heaven and hell… i’m also not keen to find out, nor I will ever want to.

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 7:21
    “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

  5. Anonymous says:

    confess sins to God and another (James 5:16), be filled with Holy Spirit, and go forth and proclaim His name. Denying self and carrying up cross.

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