free time’s over, back to work.

It’s been six months since I stopped working at Laurent as a Service Staff/Sandwich hand. A very good experience indeed, but yes, it was quite a hardwork (going there took one hour, going back another hour, plus the fatigue from the work itself). Now, exactly six months later, I applied for another part-time job.

My apartment will be opening FoodWorks on the ground floor and this FoodWorks has a cafe. As they are looking for ‘experienced’ barista and cafe staff, my sister suggests that I apply, as it is located just downstairs! I sent my resume yesterday, and I didn’t really think about it, actually. Yet I got a reply, and I think I’m in. The owner will inform me about the roster tomorrow.

Is this the end of my free life? I used to have two days off, and another three half-day off. I got my weekend free, and I rarely do any work (or study…). I think it’s time to kick out this lazy lifestyle and start earning some money again, isn’t it? (Oh, but I’m not unemployed… For the past month I have another unofficial part-time job, remember?) Now two part-times, and exam’s coming! but I think I’ll survive, if I’m keen enough.

But suddenly my barista skills begin to betray me. “Can I really make all sorts of coffee? Can I make a very good coffee every time and succeed? Can I work under the pressure? What about the skinny, the soy, the weak, the strong, and hot and the not-so-hot, and the hot chocolate, the chai latte, and whatever the customers want to order?”

Well, at least I know that I can serve well. and now I’m praying to God that there won’t be any rush towards the cafe.

Yet I’m thankful, and I’ll take the opportunity to brush up my coffee making skills. I love coffee, always have (since 2 years ago), always will (fingers-crossed).


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