The last day of holiday

One story’s done. Phew. Okay, not done, yet it’s almost done (okay I make no sense). It’s done, but I’m not happy with it, but I don’t know how to re-write and edit it further, so I think I’m quite settled for the fact that it’s ‘done’, but my heart feels that it’s not. Anyway…

Time to write the other story. Writing down every word of the interview, done. Translating every word from Indonesian to English, done. Try to think of a coherent story, skipped – just go straight to the writing part. Opening up other resources to ‘cheat’ a bit, done. Writing the draft, done. Reading back the story and thinking that it’s a crappy job, a big done. *sigh.

Here’s my weakness: why do I always put chunks of quotes into my writing? Oh well, I’m a fan of quotes, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is as well, right? Plus, now I’ve realised that it’s past 10pm already, and I have gone past my deadline in posting a post in my blog (it should have been 9.15pm). But nevermind, it’s still a blog, and not a newspaper, thank God =D.

Anyway, I have a new-found love with watching The Renovators (no, no more Masterchef for me, except from the final rounds. and no, no Junior Masterchef. What is Julia Gillard doing there as a guest judge anyway? Somehow it feels like a political event…). Now that the contestants have been heavily reduced, and more and more interesting designs coming up, my support goes to the dark blue team (I have no idea what your names are), and the grey team (one is Natalie, yet I don’t remember the guy’s name). All designs are great, and once again I can’t believe that they are amateurs. Somehow, it reminds me that even the amateurs can have the skills on par with the professionals.

This is the last day of my holiday, and I’m not keen to face tomorrow (I want my 12-hour sleep, waking up late routine, and no-study condition), especially when I foresee that my assignment result will be distributed back. *sigh. Anyway, happy Sunday, hope you all have a great week ahead, and stay warm! (it’s so cold here in Melbourne as I speak *ooops, write.)


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