Daddy’s little girl

Most of us grow up with bedtime stories. I am one among the majority, of course, yet my stories are not Disney fairy tales or the legend folk tales. Mine is my dad’s life.

He climbs up to his position now, right from the bottom. When I was born, life was already easier, he said. Yet it was not the case when my parents first got married.

They didn’t have a house, didn’t have money in the bank, nor any possession. My dad opened up a paper factory, yet sold it around three years later. He then worked with a relative as the man who ‘freed the land’, as he used to tell me. He still does.

He traveled places: Bali, Lombok, Serang, Cibubur, and many other places in Indonesia. Yet when we used to go to these places and aim for the beach, he goes there and aims for the local people’s places.

His job was gravely dangerous. He was the one who went to the local people and bargained with them to buy their land, while his company had a new shopping mall or townhouses to build in mind. He needed to blend in. He ate stuffs, he didn’t have access to a decent toilet, and he almost died – someone had cursed him, put a knife, and even put a gun in front of him. Yet with courage in hand, he survived.

And my dad, was what you called, a bad boy. He was quite a ‘lady-killer’, but he stopped after he met my mom. He used to go racing, and had accidents. He fell down a cliff once, and he had other near death experiences. Yet he survived.

He used to say that it is miracle that my dad is the person he is now. Now I remember him as the most patient person in the world. He almost never says ‘no’ to me, and he loves his family dearly. He is the one who accompanies me play bowling, billiard, badminton, table tennis, and taught me how to do well in those sports.

Not only that, he is the one who pushes my Mom to go shopping, even when my Mom says that it’s enough. Guys, if you are reading this, be a man like my Dad, who accompanies my mother to shopping malls, goes inside ZARA and gives her a comment on how good the dress is, and buys a well-known branded bag every year for her (she loves bags). He puts his family first, ahead from his jobs and friends, and always wants to make his children happy.

Most of all, my Dad supports me for whatever I want to do, either it’d be a writer, a cafe owner, a psychologist, or maybe a businesswoman. “You can be whoever you want to be,” he says. And I believe in those words.

My Daddy is not perfect, but he is the best one for me. And I will always, always be, my daddy’s little girl.


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