Tuesday’s Tale: The Places We Should Have Gone

Once, someone wise has said to me, “When you are in a relationship, treat your partner with marriage in mind. But if it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to break up.” Common sense, but deep.

This video tells a story of a boy, and a girl, who fell in love, yet the guy does not fight for her enough. He has his chance, but failed to seize it. Yet the sad part is, when suddenly the guy wants to make things straight, sometimes, it may be too late.


“The feeling of regret or wishing for another chance is common when a couple separates. Whoever is at fault usually searches for sympathy as they have realized in hindsight their mistakes. In “Places” Becky has returned from a 6 month internship and runs into her exboyfriend. Based on the flashbacks we see that prior to her leaving, she made many efforts to keep him close, but he was not so receptive for whatever reason. While his rejection of her ideas to take trips may not have directly been the reason for their breakup, it’s enough to show his attitude toward the relationship and how much he had come to value it and her. Fast forward to her return from the job, we can see that she is not totally over it. And to her surprise, the ex-boyfriend has come to realize how he mistreated her. Whether or not she gives him another chance is left open, but the ending line is what I wanted to emphasize… When people break up, they usually handle it in one of two ways. They either push themselves to forget about it and move on, or they wallow in depression, holding on. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s good to do either. Trying to forget means getting rid of all the experiences and lessons. Dwelling means not accepting and growing from the same experiences/lessons. When Becky says “I will do neither”, she’s saying, I can move on, while still remembering why.”

What I learn about relationship from here is that there is the term regret. One day, when we look back, will we say, “Oh, I should have done that… I should have taken her places, I should have loved her more, I should have spent more time with the kids, I should have acknowledged him more.” Where right now, when we have the chance, we just let it passes by?

You can’t change the past, and you have not yet arrived in the future. You can only do something now.

“You would’ve liked it. I should have taken you. But now, I can’t give you these things.”

Ps. If you like this video, check my all-time favourite videos: Strangers, Again and When Five Fell.


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