Hello Ghost (2010)

rating: 4/5

“What’s that movie? Hello Ghost? Is it a horror movie?”

“Nah, it’s a movie about family, it’s quite good!”

*click. copy. click. paste. loading…. done.


After watching Rango (don’t watch, it’s a very weird movie, rating 2/5) and Tron (weird and predictable… but the effect is quite good, rating 2.5/5), we were then fighting on what movie to watch next. The Adjustment Burau? (Nah, I don’t want… too heavy…) The Pianist? (Ohh… even heavier). Okay, how about, Hello Ghost?

At first we still disagreed, but after knowing that it’s a Korean movie, I won the debate.

So the main character, of course, the one who lived. He was an orphan, and after he failed and failed and failed of doing suicide, Sang-man suddenly was able to see ghosts… The 4 ghosts did not want to go anywhere, and Sang-man made an agreement: if he could fulfill their wishes, they would stop haunting them.

Then the journey began. Mr. pervert wanted his camera back. Mr. smoking wanted to drive a taxi and go swimming in the beach. Mr. little greedy wanted to watch cartoon. Mrs. crybaby wanted to cook and have dinner together.

But the ending provided a little twist.

It is a heartwarming movie about family, and I love it. Really touching, really powerful message, and yet the humour is also there. Great movie! ;)


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