Life updated: first week of holiday

My first week of holiday, and can’t get enough of it.

Well, I wrote some stories, cleaned my apartment, cooked, and baked. Watched more movies, of course, and read more books. I did a catch-up session with my old friend, finished by barista course (see post: for the love of coffee) and managed to research more on coffee machines. I didn’t keep my promise (was planning to do one lecture per day, but it never happened. maybe next week), yet I’m enjoying life.

baking cinnamon tea cake ;)

So first of all, the coffee machine. I asked my parents yesterday (I actually already asked them like six months ago, and they said yes, but I haven’t got the time to research), and sadly, it was not a positive answer. They repeatedly asked me to keep thinking about it and to weight the pros and cons, and I felt a bit sad. I’ll see how it goes in another week…

My next story for Meld is about interviewing a well-known Indonesian hip-hop dancer. Frankly, I’m freaking out. ;p. But I’ll just do my best and hopefully, the interview will go well ;).

Went for brunch at Trunk Diner (corner Exhibition and Lt. Lonsdale st). It was quite good, and was not pricy (coffee + breakfast + dessert for share = $13.50). But the barista was not too good (remembering they were using St. Ali houseblend), and my latte arrived with a very, very thick frothed milk, which had bubbles on the surface. Food was okay though, I ordered a brioche burger with bacon and egg.

Watched the movie 500 days of Summer again and decided that I totally love the movie. Although there are many interpretations about this movie, saying that the girl is so ‘bitchy’ and the guy is quite ‘dumb’, my friend, Jill Bobby, offered me a new perspective. She said that:

“Personally, I really think that Summer waits for Tom to put an effort, a real effort to get her; to ignore what she said about ‘not getting into a serious relationship’ and start kicking his ass to get her. I think it was what all girls in the world want. We want to see if we are worth fighting for. We want to be fought for. That’s why all the fairy tales work out: because the prince fought for the princess; not matter how hard. And maybe that’s why, I think, Summer got married at the end of the movie: because someone asked her. Remember she told Tom that? “Then, he came and asked me about that.” And then, at the end of movie, Tom really asked Autumn out.”

A big eye-opener, aye? At first I don’t know why I love this movie: Do I just love the drama? Or is there something else? And I remember being very mad to Tom because he didn’t ‘steal the bride’ (now, remember the movie Made of Honour), but he kept on reminiscing the past and blaming the situation. Now I realised, it’s because the guy never really risks everything and fights to get the girl. Girls, simply, want to know if we are worth fighting for.

Anyway, I read this news earlier this week: Michael Ormsby: the boy who died because we didn’t do enough. It’s so sad.

And I’ve also read another news, which gives me a very interesting perspective, about marriage in Asia. Check this out: The flight from marriage. The women are marrying at a later age. We want to ‘marry up’, meaning: marrying a guy who has a better education and income than us. It’s okay for women to marry later to pursue career and enjoying their lives first. Well, there are more number of guys rather than women, and more and more educated and successful women do not want to marry. Oh well…

And… got a little surprise earlier this week. ;)

a stalk of red rose

And music of the week…

and…. image of the week! LOL (I just found out that these funny funny emoticons are actually there in our iPhone… wow.)


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