Valentine’s Day 2006

MAYBE it doesn’t really matter now compared to years ago. Now, I can frankly say that Valentine’s day is just another day, if I have a partner I’ll make something special or if I don’t, I’ll just let the day passed by. But back in high school, it was the day.

February 14, 2006.
I was 13, I was in year 8, and I was, naively, in love. A senior had his eyes on me, and he made me believe that I was special. I remember making a heart-shaped chocolate, and although I was waiting, dreadfully, for a stalk of that red rose to come, it never came. The student council offered services on that day to sell roses and send them towards the recipients during class, and seriously, I believe every girl in school had fantasies of which boy would be her secret admire, who’d take his role as the prince on the white horse, and send her a stalk of red rose.

Yet mine never came.

I went home, disappointed. But when I opened my computer and checked my e-mail, a lovely poem arrived. It was Valentine’s Day, and I received love.

Life has changed, and here’s a piece of my past:

I lose myself
in your beautiful eyes
I cant pull away
even if I wanted to try
You're perfect
in every way
The thought of you
just makes my day
You came to me
from the heavens above
You flew in on wings
my angel of love
When nothing seems
to go quite right
and I no longer
can see the light
I look upon
your angelic face
and I'm taken away
to a far better place
I cherish
every word you've said
You move me
like the music I play in my head
In this world of false truths
I know only one thing true
I'd give up everything
just to be with you.

I wonder why people are always interested in others’ love stories, and why we are eager to share our stories as well. That’s why Facebook has an ‘in a relationship’ status. That’s why we like those statuses. That’s why we comment on our friends who have partners, congratulating them and say, “hope you have a long-lasting relationship”. That’s why we stalk the photos of our friends with their partners, wondering of how romantic their relationships are. We, simply, love the drama.

The two top questions that I ask my old friends are, “Hey, how’s life?” and “How’s your love life?” If you are close to me, you might have experienced answering to these questions. Yet those who have past relationships, answer differently. “Angry.” “Bitter.” “She shouldn’t have done that.” “I wonder why am I so stupid back then.” “I was a fool.” “I wish I never met him.” Varying answers, yet they were strong statements – some people regret their relationships.

While past is just the past, it still influences the future, and it makes a sense of who we are right now.

What happened to that guy, you may ask? Well, I can frankly say that we are still friends, and there are no hard feelings. Of course, at first it was different, but yeah, time will heal everything. But oh well, I was 13. (Funny how we see ‘love’ now compared to back then, aye?)

People change. We sometimes forgot that we, too, change.

I just hope that, one day, when we look back at our past, we can confidently say that we do not regret anything in life, and smile, because those memories have indeed happened.

Greetings from me in 2006.


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