Johnny English: Reborn (2011)

rating: 2.5/5

A bit disappointing.

Well, maybe it was not that bad, and I exaggerated, but remembering the first Johnny English was a very funny movie (I vaguely remember, but I’m pretty sure because I’ve got some good impression after watching it), I don’t think this movie is that funny.

However, the trailer was really funny, and when I think of Rowan Atkinson I always think of Mr. Bean. So maybe instead of another chick flick (thinking of watching Change Up, starring Ryan Reynolds), I thought this movie might be better. I kinda regret it, but, it’s ok…

Ok, here’s the statement again: the trailer was funny, and the movie was… quite funny as well, but it was not as funny as I expected (sad).

The acting was usual, the setting was usual, the joke… was a bit usual, the story was also usual. I guess more or less all is predictable, but it’s still ok (but I still vote Horrible Bosses to be wayyyyy much funnier).

On top of that, I watched this movie on Saturday evening at around 5pm, and all the others who watch are teenagers (okay, I think most are primary school students to junior high ones, and they are so so so so sooooo soooooooooooooooooo noisy). When something heroic happened, they clapped; when something funny happened, they laughed hard; when there’s a kissing scene, they whistled. Hmm…

If you have other movies which look more appealing to you, I don’t really recommend this movie. Not really worth it to watch in the cinema (if on DVD etc, I think it’s ok one). Yet it is still a funny movie, and quite a good laugh for those of you who need one. But after just 5 hours of watching the movie, I kinda forgot the story already (which means that it didn’t really… give much impression).


2 thoughts on “Johnny English: Reborn (2011)

  1. samuel w says:

    you should’ve watch change up..:)
    it thought me one thing, appreciate our own life. sometimes I wish that, what if I become him, or her, it seems like his or her life is better than mine.
    Other people’ life might seems much better than ours, but when you’re being put into their “shoes” (based on the movie) I’d prefer my own life. :)

  2. Hey Samuel,

    I wanted to watch change up, but decided to go for crazy, stupid, love in the end… (that one’s also good btw, if you want to check it out haha). but the movie change up seems really interesting.. ill be waiting for my friends to get the movie (haha).. thanks for the advice!

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