THE funny thing about being in the university is… It’s already more than halfway through your degree, with two and a third semesters to go, yet you feel like you are still a high school student. No joke intended.

As I’m growing older, I feel like time is moving even faster. In primary school the time felt like crawling, and in high school it felt like walking. Now, it really is running. University life is fast. way too fast. And I feel like I’m not yet graduated from high school, although it’s been two years since I did.


I’m not too sure why. I guess one good reason is that there is too much free time in university (don’t get me wrong, this ‘free time’ is intended for us to actually do all our assignments and stuffs). Back in high school, I woke up at 5.30am everyday, and went to school at 6.10am, just to beat the traffic. I finished school at 3.10pm, lingered a bit at school, and arrived home at around 5pm. I took shower, surfed the internet, ate dinner, did my homework, surfed a little bit more internet, and went to bed at around 11pm. And the cycle continued.

Year 12 look: signed senior high school uniform with signed laptop

Yet while they were monotonous weekdays, with the weekends spent going to shopping malls (with friends and families), watching yet another movie in the cinema or buying another dress, I feel like time was moving slower back then.

It felt like, compared to now, high school was long. I remember the times when I impatiently waited for my seventeenth birthday, prom night, and Christmas. Now, I don’t feel the need to wait for anything (of course, on several occasions I do), but seriously, where did time go?

Only yesterday I was standing in front of a hundred-year-old building, thinking that, “this would be my home for the next three years.” Only yesterday I desperately tried to decipher the Melbourne University’s map and find my way to the bookshop. Only yesterday I dumbly bought almost all my textbooks due to panic attack of getting left behind, not knowing that I could borrow the books from the they-have-it-all library.

first year uni look: at the library with your own private study carrel


I was more than halfway through my degree. I have four more weeks towards the end of Semester 4 and two more semesters to be done. Then it’s finished. I’ll be a graduate by the time I’m 20. No kidding.

I start to look at my friends. Guys, especially, have grown physically. They are taller, stronger, and hopefully, better. Some of them have taken physical health seriously, gone to the gym, and developed some real muscles. Where are those Nintendo DS geeks that used to challenge me for a race? Where are those just-for-fun bullies that used to hide their friends’ calculators before a test? I look at them, yet I do not recognise them anymore. They are not the friends that I used to know.

And the girls. One by one, they have a relationship. It was quite a big thing for teenagers, really, back when we were in high school. Yet now in our young adults lives, you can’t help but notice the brand new taste of relationship. Oh boy, they have all grown up. They fall in love. They are in a relationship (well, at least, in Facebook). Do I still know them? I’m not sure. If life has an equation, for example, life = bx +c, the only constant thing is b: your parents and c: the day that we are born. All the others keep on changing. Even your names can change. (Through marriage, translation, or changing your identity).

I click on a couple of my friends’ facebook profiles today: the ones who used to be close to me, yet now they are not. I simply, do not know them. One of them used to value our friendship, but now he is busy with his relationship. The other one, although he kept his ‘geekyness’ in RPG games, he too, has changed. Another one has turned the chapter and doesn’t get in touch with his friends anymore. Whether they change for the better or for the worse, it’s not my place to tell. Yet it’s quite shocking to see how much can change only in a short period of time.

second year, first semester look: studying over coffee at a cafe (see the books beside the coffee)

People love changes. Right? Wrong. People love things that are constant. Things that we can control. We want to be better, yet we still want to maintain the ‘today’s status’. We will not take the risk if we think there’s a chance of us going down. Although we are doing the boring, routine stuffs over and over again, we still want that sense of security. Doing something that we know makes sense.

However, there’s good news: people are equipped with the ability to change.

second year look: having pit stop at a park, trying to study, yet decided to just listen to music and take a nap. Notice the change?


4 thoughts on “change

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG… i feel the same way… i was just ready to become a uni student but graduated before it happened. now, i’m preparing for work that i did not study for the last 3.5 years of my life.. Life is…. extremely fast and unexpected. But then again, learning new things and walking down uncharted land has it’s thrills. =)

  2. joko says:

    Wah la gara gara pic elu yang waktu smp gua ketewa dalam office. Erm lain kali musti put warning sign man. And ya i have nothing to do in office rite now hahahaha.

  3. Hi anonymous, yessss agreeeeee! life suddenly goes so fast ;p.

    Hi Joko,
    good good, i’ve provided you some laugh ;p. how come you have nothing to do in the office, you just started work! ;p all the best ok ;D

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