life updated: the art of tv commercial

ANY updates?

I’ve got another story running by Meld, telling my experience as an international student in Australia: Life overseas: getting comfy under your own skin. :)

And as you know.. Assignments. Finished my media presentation and debate yesterday. Still have another essay, another article, and another lab report to go. So yeah.

Been cooking earlier this week. Menu: Egg omelet with ‘kucai’ (it’s like a vegetables, ehm, maybe it still has a family resemblance with leek), and porterhouse beef and mushroom with steak sauce. YUM! Fun fact: my sister and I finished eating the three cups of rice for dinner and lunch. So four servings. that’s quite crazy.

Been to volunteer tutoring yesterday for Primary School children. They are quite adorable ;p. And I miss the time when I only need to care about fractions, easy maths, and making a huge poster about natural disaster. That’s life.

And I’ve been reading quite a lot lately. Finished a book titled Half a Life by Darin Strauss. It’s a memoir, and it’s quite good, I think. Not WOW, but ok. The first sentence is really interesting. “Half my life ago, I killed a girl.”

And even reading a news article can be very entertaining. Seriously, read this: Kangaroo a passenger after car collision

Here’s my favourite part:

Intensive care paramedic Gary Becker said when paramedics arrived
they found the startled kangaroo in the front seat of the car.

“It crashed straight through the windscreen and landed in the passenger seat.
The windscreen was completely shattered but there weren’t
any other marks on the car,” Mr Becker said.

“We found the large kangaroo sitting in the passenger seat
just looking around quite stunned.

“I think he was wondering what had happened
and I am not sure who was more stunned, us or him.”


image by cartoonstock

So as I hinted in my title, this week’s theme is about TV commercial. Asian commercials are really good (and touching) (and funny). Seriously. Some of them are too good to be commercials. They can be inspirational short stories.

Check these ones out:

This one is good, but when you watch till the end.. it’s kinda hilarious…

This is kind of sad.. but somewhere in the middle.. it goes.. creepy. lol


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