life updated: “…inner peace… inner…. inner peace…”

THAT’S what I need right now. Inner peace. I feel like watching Kung Fu Panda 2 all over again, and finding Shi Fu’s secrets to inner peace.

With four assignments down, I am now faced with five other: one media group presentation and a psych group debate for next Wednesday, a blog plus a presentation for the Monday after, and one lab report plus an opinion article due the Wednesday after. Life is good.

Well, the good thing is, I have finished half the blog and the opinion article. Anyone of you who wants to be my guinea pig to be reading my opinion article, please contact me. Media group presentation, I will be doing it later tonight. Debate? Okay, maybe later tonight. Lab report? Zero percent. And now? I just finished another assignment (which is on the list of ‘four assignments down’). Maybe take some time off and go blogging…

But life is good.

I went to the cinema last Saturday and watched Horrible Bosses. Totally recommend it for those who need a good laugh. I am on my way to watch One Day (tomorrow, or Saturday probably), and I really, really, really want to watch The Tree of Life, it’s just the movie is not screened on the big cinemas! (what a pain..). And I just watched Marley and Me for the tenth time yesterday while doing my opinion article. What a movie addict.

And I just read a very, very good article, so much for inspiration! – Homeless man who befriended banker begs to pay for her hotel after she loses her job and house.

Earlier this week I cooked a special dish: egg-noodles with chicken, mushrooms, and pork complete with chicken soup any forms of seasoning, as requested. My sister praises it, it’s edible, and I’d proudly say that I quite like it. So there you go.

I did some cleaning today. Waking up at 10am, I vacuum the apartment, do the laundry, and wash the dishes. After taking shower, I have a special date with my laptop and work on my next assignment straight away. I have just crossed two things on my to-do-list and that leaves me to do four others. I haven’t even eaten my lunch (it’s 2.47pm when I write this post). Life is good.

Oh, I’m secretly still a fan of soft toys. This one makes me basilisk.

introducing Ms. Giffi the giraffe

Oh yeah, I went to a movie screening yesterday (stay tuned for the review, will be out sometime next week), and it was a total panic. The movie screening is held at Astor Theater, st Kilda, at 7pm. I grabbed my car keys at 6pm, and by 6.57pm I was still not there yet! (Usually, under normal circumstances, it only takes 20 minutes to go there). It turned out that I miscalculated the journey time, as it was HEAVY TRAFFIC everywhere. But I was not late for the screening. Thank God.

Oh by the way, my blog just hit 21,000 clicks! *happy blogger.

And as a not-there-yet writer, a friend of mine yesterday said something that really makes me sad, “What’s so hard about writing? Writing is just writing whatever comes to mind, in a structural manner. And then you can edit your writing on the go.” *sigh, if writing is not hard, I’ll make a million dollars out of it already… It kinda make me depressed, in a sense…

But anyways, innnerrrrr peaccceeeeee… innnnneeeeerrrrrr…… innnnnneerrrr peeeaccceeeeeee….

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