the first 300 seconds

WOULD you like to know how I spend my first 300 seconds of the day? It is THE routine.

me and my faithful companion

The first 20 seconds, of course, would be wasted on trying to find my handphone, and there are two fantastic reasons for this. One, because I need to turn off the alarm. Two, because I need to check on why the alarm does not ring – I have a feeling that it’s already late. Voila, I forgot to actually set it on.

With my iPhone in hand, here comes the most exiting part: plugging in to the rest of the world.

First 60 second: YahooMail. Scanning through the inbox just in case something important happens (which turns out to be very rare, based on previous experience). Instead I spend the next minute deleting some unimportant hoax mails, the new iTunes and Borders catalogue (yes, Borders, I don’t even know which store is still open. FYI, Borders, the big bookshop, is closing one by one in Melbourne…). And do you know the problem with being The Age subscriber? You will just scan through the headlines and skim through the first paragraph, feeling like you already read the whole article.

Going on, I’ll be using the next 60 seconds to check my WordPress emails, just in case, someone drops a comment who will appreciate an immediate feedback or something. Then I’ll be checking my WordPress stats, and WordPress this, and WordPress that. Life of a blogger.

The next minute I’ll try skimming my other emails: Meld Magazine email, Gmail, Unimail, my yet another yahoomail that I use for Facebook, and my hotmail. Seeing a reminder for your next article can be a horror when you just wake up in the morning. Or yet another notification of assignment will scare you to death.

That’s 200 seconds already.

Then I’ll quickly take 30 seconds to skim my personal messages, what’s app chats, and Facebook notification. Next, 60 seconds on Twitter. Oh, Steve Jobs quits Apple. WHAT? And Melbourne is now the most livable city in the world. Wow.

290 seconds gone, and by now my eyes are overly exposed to a lot of technology with those tiny word fonts. So, I have about 10 seconds to decide whether to kick the blanket or go back to bed.

The latter wins.


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