winter wonderland

I WENT on a snow trip during the winter break. For a newbie like me who never played ski, it was quite an experience.

15 of us spent the night (from Friday to Saturday) with only one hour sleep, two at maximum, and went for a 5-hours driving trip to Mt. Hotham at 2am in the morning. It was winter; it was cold; it was 2am. I tried my best to keep being awake (for the sake of the driver not to fall asleep), but failed miserably. After taking a pit-stop at a gas station, I sat at the front seat and accompanied the driver in order to stay awake.

Arriving at the ski and snowboard rental station at around 7-8am, we immediately rented the boards, the shoes, and some of us rented the jacket and waterproof pants. Then came the important question: should I try skiing or snowboarding?

After thinking, thinking, and yet another thinking, I decided to go with ski. I felt that ski was the traditional snow sports, so I guess I would need to know how to ski first and later found out how to play snowboard on the next trip, if there was any.

By the time we got to the snow resort, the snow had just started to fall. It was beautiful, as if the scenery was taken straight from a romantic Korean movie. The weather then turned to be very sunny all of sudden, and from the lift we could see some beautiful, breath-taking scenery of the mountains. However, later during the day the weather became unfriendly, with lots of fogs and a little bit of blizzard, but I survived.

the parking spots at Mt. Hotham
the snow at Mt. Hotham

My first experience skiing was awesome. I fell down around ten times, and my mentor said that it was not bad for a beginner. By the end of my lesson, I was able to make a turn, to brake (well, still hard, I guess), and to maintain my speed. Well, it was cool! But I had no idea that a ski board can be THAT heavy.

after my very first ski session!

We had a break and went for lunch. We lived in a cottage with two rooms, and the guys sacrificed themselves to be sleeping on the sofa and sleeping bags (thanks, guys!). Food was brought back from Melbourne, the menu included pasta, instant noodles, bread, lots of snacks, chips, drinks, sushi, and much more.

the cottage

I greeted the second session, the night skiing, with such an excitement. Yet, my feet couldn’t do much more. I guess there was something wrong with my shoes (they were quite uncomfortable, but oh well…), and in the end my feet hurt so badly that I couldn’t even make a turn, brake, or attach my shoes to the ski board. I guess I have reached my limit by then, and decided to enjoy the rest of the night scenery. It was beautiful nonetheless.

The second day, I woke up with such pain aching in all parts of my body. We had breakfast, and started to pack our bags. After that we had some photo sessions and made a snowman, Jr. I did not know why but it was so hard making a snowman. Seriously, it took the three of us around 2-3 hours in order to make one small snowman. Later we found out that it was actually easier to make a snowman when it snowed. And it snowed by the time we finished making it, so…. there you go.

the people who went for snowtrip!
all of us ;)
me and mr. snowman, Jr.
a close up look on mr. snowman, Jr.

My snow trip was awesome, I had a good experience. Next on the list: snowboard!


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