life updated: life’s short, enjoy it

LIVING another week of my life, I feel like there are so many things happening just in 7-days time. You constantly learn new things, discover interesting stuffs that you never know existed before, and yes, enjoy life even more.

The first four days (Monday to Thursday) were spent basically doing my beautiful lab report. I’m not trying to be skeptical or something like that, but seriously, I (and some of my friends that I talk to) feel that the task is not worth doing. No offense, but in Personality Psychology subject we are supposed to make a report about predicting support for carbon tax policy, based on some questionnaires about our concerns about environment and blah. Most of us do not even know about carbon tax, or understand about it. It’s just such a weird task that do not really let us learn about personality… Well, I guess it’s just another way to learn the stats stuffs.

I haven’t really finished the report, but at least I’m nearly there. If anyone of you want to volunteer to proof-read my report (a 2,500 words report that I need to cut down into 2,200), please feel free to contact me! lol. I’m going to work all day today and tomorrow, and submit it on the Wednesday! Yeay, that’s one less assignment to do.

Friday, was, beautiful. I went to Meld for my intern training, and now working on another article (hopefully I can get it done before this Friday…). Then I went to a friend’s house and watched DVD (titled “When in Rome”. Josh Duhamel is so gorgeous. A typical chick-flick movie, but I like it). Then came the real deal, going to Indonesian Film Festival!

The four of us (my sister, me, and another two friends), went to watch “Border“, or “Batas” in Indonesian. It was such an interesting movie, and I was quite proud of Indonesia for being able to make a movie in such a high standard. Well done, and keep up the good work!

Saturday, was spent basically with eating. Vietnamese for lunch, coffee at Market Lane for evening culinary experience, and Chinese at HuTong Dumpling for dinner. All food was superb. From tomato rice with crispy skin chicken, to a beautiful latte, and then chilli dumplings, mapotofu, chilli fish, fried calamari, xiao long bao, and some other great dishes. *happy.

Oh yeah, there’s something else happening on Saturday. I can’t spoil it, but let me just put it this way: congratulations to my second sister!

latte at Market Lane. *the spoon is really interesting ;)

Sunday, I started my day with going to church, and then took a walk at the Albert Park (it was such a beautiful day, spring has finally come to Melbourne!). After strolling down the lake, we had lunch at Mart (a cafe), and I ordered corn fritters and latte. They were so good. (And I had a good company as well!)

a beautiful sunny afternoon at Albert Park

the lake at Albert Park

at Mart, the cafe located at a tram stop!

my not-so-beautiful looking latte at Mart, yet the taste was good =D

corn fritters with bacon, served with sour cream, the #1 dish at Mart. it was superb!

my shadow - this is a proof of how good the weather is!

After lunch, I went back home and did some ironing (which lasted for another 3 hours…), and watched a couple of DVDs. I finished watching half of “Men of Honor” (I’ve watched the first half last week), “Hotel Rwanda”, and “Blood Diamond”.

Life is short, so enjoying your life once in a while is not a sin. (Remember, God makes day 1-6 to work, and day 7 to rest!)

Well, I think I took day 1-4 to work, and day 5-7 to rest… ;p.


One thought on “life updated: life’s short, enjoy it

  1. BATAS was a very good movie, i gave it 4/5 in overall, because i really like the theme and the message. But some scenes were a bit slow and the dialogue was a bit too long in certain scenes.

    thanks for the wishes! ^^ *happy sister*

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