life updated: live life with no regrets

FINISHING my last post on the Hillsong Conference 2011 feels quite good, I am actually able to have the persistence to keep on writing about all of the message. That is quite an accomplishment for me, really, as I usually leave my so-called-determination-to-do-things halfway.

Just another update on life.

life. photo by kaboodle

I spent my weekend watching The Green Lantern (which I do not recommend anyone to watch, except they are DC lovers or Ryan Reynolds fan), Captain America (well, at last! It’s not as bad as I thought it would be), and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (recommended for guys, not recommended for girls, well, generally saying). On Saturday night we went out for dinner at Guhng, a Korean restaurant in Melbourne CBD, and desserts at Pancake Parlour afterwards. Food was great, highly recommended (very pricy though…), and the social time made me happy!

Assignment notifications piled up already, suddenly I have one project, one lab report (and another one coming soon), and countless writing assignments (profile, personal narrative article, opinion piece, travel writing, review, hard news article and blah) due every week. I like all my subjects though, and I haven’t felt the pressure (yet), but I guess I need to start doing those assignments seriously.

Meld Magazine‘s workshop yesterday has been great, with lots of great tips for writing (and meeting new friends). Oh check out my new article about Indonesian Cinema. Yolanda Yasinta, the Indonesian Film Festival manager has been very kind to me. For those of you who are in Melbourne and would like to know more about Indonesian cinema, feel free to go to the 2011 IFF!

Haven’t got the time to read books for the last month. But I think it’s just another excuse.

I’ve been involved more in LinkedIn and Twitter (it feels like breaking my oath once again), with updating my profile in LinkedIn and adding more people in my Twitter ‘following’ list. Need to learn more and gain more knowledge, I guess…

Downloaded instagram for iPhone and loving it ever since!

Haven’t got the time to clean my apartment. But yet it’s just another excuse lol.

Have submitted an application for youthcentral as a roving journalist, hopefully I can get in!

Went for a ski trip to Mt. Hotham last week. I intend to make a full blog post about this (maybe sometimes during the week). Here’s the sneak peak: so much fun, and for a first timer like me, I’m quite proud to say that I can ski! Making snowman, Jr. was actually a very, very hard task that took the three of us three hours to make one.

Lastly, I have fallen in love with this video, and lesson learned about life: live your life with no regrets.


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