Hillsong Conference 2011 – John Maxwell part 2

John Maxwell at Hillsong Conference 2011, photo by Hillsong Church

Empowering Leadership

In a stream session, John Maxwell was talking about his specialty – leadership. The first words that he said were leadership is easy, if you pay them to do it. Well, how true is that!

He went on with saying that a leader is not about seeking answers, yet they need to be asking the right questions.

Upon talking about leadership, he proposed 10 questions that convey what a true leader looks like.

  1. Am I investing in myself?
    John Maxwell stressed the need of personal growth. Why? Because you can’t give what you don’t have. That’s why, in a sense, that leaders are always learning. He goes further with saying that, “If you wouldn’t bet in yourself, why should any other?” He also adds that instead of having one major mentor for us to grow, we need to have different mentors according to their own strengths. For eg. when you want to ask about relationship, ministry, or family, you have a mentor in each specialisation who can  in it. In a sense, you are not asking a doctor to design your house.
  2. Am I genuinely interested in others?
    “There’s no more pathetic than leaders who don’t like people,” Maxwell said. The two components that make up a leader is that leaders see more than others, and they see the potent before anyone else does. This is a distinct advantage over anybody else, who’s given that man a head start. If used wrongly, that leader can take advantage of other people. That’s why this motive question needs to be sung beforehand. Am I interested to motivate people, or to manipulate them? “The important thing about leaders is that they do not cross the finish line alone, they cross it together with others.”
  3. Am I doing what I love, and am I loving what I do?
    Passion is where energy comes from. It’s contagious. If a person tells me, ‘I’m considering quitting my job. Should I quit?’ I’d reply, ‘quit.’ If you are thinking of quitting, do it. It will hinder other people’s growth.”
  4. Am I investing my time with the right people?
    If you want to make a difference, do it with people who want to make a change as well. Maxwell said that the right people, are the ones who have the capacity, character, and commitment.
  5. Am I staying in my strength zone?
    Again, Maxwell stresses the point to stop working on your weaknesses. You are weak on your weaknesses, it is as simple as that. Find you own strength. John Maxwell then introduced “The Rule of 5”.It’s really simple. Basically, 5 swings a day everyday, eventually a tree will fall down. It does not matter how quick, it doesn’t matter where it will fall, but it WILL fall down. From here, he said that the concept of The Rule of 5 really is finding your own 5 things that you are able to do daily in order to master your strength. It might be through reading, thinking, filing, asking questions, writing, talking, or any other formats. They are your own unique 5’s.Rushing out of time, Maxwell just scanned the next questions briefly.
  6. Am I taking people to a higher level?
    Simply, this is what leaders do. They are not focused on themselves, but they want to bring out the best out of people.
  7. Am I taking care of today?
    Sometimes leadership is too visionary that they forget the best time to live their vision is now. They plan great programs for the next two years but yet they do not start now.
  8. Am I taking time to think?
    Leaders have a natural bias to action. They may plan more activities, but that does not necessarily mean accomplishments.
  9. Am I developing leaders?
    You might be surprised that 95% of leaders actually not. Back again, leaders need to invest in others.
  10. Am I pleasing God? Is God happy?
    This question is basically asking you, “Are you doing what God wants you to do? Is leadership your gift?”

“Yet, if all these leadership questions need to be summed up to just two questions, they would be ‘Am I investing in myself?’ and ‘Am I investing in others?’” said Maxwell. “Those are the two main things, and the others generated from that.”


One thought on “Hillsong Conference 2011 – John Maxwell part 2

  1. Leadership is a passion. I wonder though, Maxwell once said everyone can learn to lead even though s/he doesnt have the innate talent of leadership. I think it’s gonna take a lot of effort to develop leadership skills if you don’t have the innate talent or the passion. Saying that, I believe we need great leaders, mentors who can inspire us and sustain us. Who can lead us and develop the potential within us.

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