Hillsong Conference 2011 – John Maxwell part 1

John Maxwell at Hillsong Conference 2011, photo by Hillsong Church

“If you can run one lap with someone, and he or she is able to say one thing to you, what do you think he would say?”

Such an interesting way to open a sermon.

A superb way, I suppose, for it caught our attention.

“Imagine that you are running a lap with Noah.”

“I believe, he would say that, one man can make a difference.”

“Noah is one man, yet he can save the future of humans.”

What startled me is that I never think of the characters in the Bible as ‘real people’. Of course, they are real, and I believe that all the words in the Bible are true. Yet, I have never imagined to look into their lives and think of them as someone on whom I can relate to in living this life. ‘This will be interesting,‘ I said to myself. And it really was.

“Success,” he went on, “is defined by people who know you best. It is the people who respect and love you the most.”

“The first person you want to impact is the one closest to you. After that, it may have a compounding, never ending effect.”

“Noah has a close relationship with God, and because of that, his entire family is saved. And now, we are all Noah’s children.”

“Further on the lap, I believe, I believe that Noah will add, ‘God will never be done with you until you are dead.’ He will stress the point that God has a will for you; don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd.”

“What to be afraid of anyway? Remember, people make a difference because they are different. Step up, and step out of the crowd.”

“Towards the end of the lap, when you are about to part your way, I think, Noah will call you once again, to give you one final message, ‘Obey God, even though you do not understand.’

“You know, I believe most people are educated more than their level of obedience. They know more, yet doing less.”

“After walking a few steps, Noah will probably turn his back and call you one last time, paused for a while, and say, ‘Oh oh oh, by the way, next time you see a rainbow, remember, one person can make a difference.’

After done with Noah, I want him to run laps with all the characters in the Bible and share that one message that they want to impart. John Maxwell only had the time for another one, and he chose Esther.

“I believe, if I run one lap with Esther, the first thing that she would say is, ‘God has a place for you.’ God has a zone, a grace, a calling, for each and every one of us.”

“The next thing that she would say is, ‘For a period of time, even if you’re God’s child, you can feel out of place.’ And sometimes, it is not because of our relationship with God.”

“Young Esther feels out of place. She is an orphan, an ordinary girl, yet suddenly she wins the beauty contest and becomes the queen. Even as the queen, Esther may feel as if she does not fit in.”

Just be patient. God has a bigger plan that you think. Keep walking, and God will reveal.”

“And when suddenly Esther knows that she is where exactly she is supposed to be, at the exact moment, she becomes courageous. When you know you’re in the right place, you will be full of courage because you know exactly that you are doing what God wants.”

Such powerful message by John Maxwell.


One thought on “Hillsong Conference 2011 – John Maxwell part 1

  1. james says:

    thank you for taking time to share this… I’m so blessed . “People make a difference bcoz they are different”

    -James- (Gods favorite here in the Philippines)

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