Hillsong Conference 2011 – Jentezen Franklin part 2

Jentezen Franklin at HIllsong Conference, photo by HIllsong Church

ANTS (Automatic Negative Thinking Syndrome)

In Exodus 14:10-14, the Bible says that the Israelites die in wilderness. Why? Because there are ANTS in their brains.

While God has promised the land flowing with milk and honey, halfway through the journey they feel like their ‘slavery’ in Egypt is much better than their voyage to the promised land. Maybe, they want a sense of security. Maybe, they just do not believe that God can actually bring them there.


Because they have negative thoughts about the future.

Humans are prone to negative thoughts, and bear in mind, they are powerful.

“The way you think determines what you feel, it may even alter your body function,” said Jentezen Franklin.

“Thoughts can be big fat liars,” he went on, “You need to get those ANTS out of your brain.”

Talking about what could cause negative thoughts inside our head, he mentioned to beware of our friends, for the most loyal friends may bring ants’ eggs to you.

Suddenly I am reminded of the story of Job, where his friends and even his wife told him that he has sinned against God, that he is supposed to ‘curse God, and die’. But instead of letting those ANTS get inside his head, Job said, “I can curse God and die or bless God and live!”

That’s the kind of attitude that we should have in dealing with ants.

“You need to keep on blocking the ANTS, daily,” he added.

One of my biggest ants right now is: will my marks be enough for me to get into honours? Then, what about jobs? In what industry will I be working? Who will want to hire me? What about my assignments? What will my future look like, in the midst of the financial crisis going on right now? I’m not an ambitious person, not that I think I ever will be, but I want to live according to what God has in store for me. And sometimes, even though I know that God’s promise is clear: He will not forsaken me and He will always take care of me, you still need to remind Him of His promises, to have faith, and keep on blocking those ants in your brain!

Philippians 4:1 emphasises to not get uptight with negativity but with positivity, and thanksgiving.

Let God’s faithfulness be your positivity.

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”
Matthew 6:34


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