music + maths = melody

Tau music – to all of you, math lovers, and music lovers, this is awesome!

Ps. just click on the white square above, it’s going to work out.

and check out its sister music: the music of pi!


One thought on “music + maths = melody

  1. I love it when someone figures out how to do these. I’m not a math person, but I understand that it shows God’s logic and order. Chords sound a certain way because of pitch structure and resonance. So lovely!

    This also reminded me of “Song for. St. Cecilia’s Day” by Dryden. In the Catholic tradition, she is sainted because she invented the organ. He wrote this poem to celebrate her name day. It has also been set to music by Handel!

    I love the idea of the world coming into creation, into harmony, as God willed it.

    FROM harmony, from heavenly harmony,
    This universal frame began:
    When nature underneath a heap
    Of jarring atoms lay,
    And could not heave her head,
    The tuneful voice was heard from high,
    ‘Arise, ye more than dead!’

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