Hillsong Conference 2011 – Jentezen Franklin part 1

Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin at Hillsong Conference 2011, photo by Hillsong Church

“I am the bread of life.”
John 6

How many of us realise that bread is actually the ‘main course’, and not the ‘side dish’?

The culture that we are in now forces us to look at bread in a different light compared to 2000 years ago. In the culture where Jesus lived, bread was the main course. But the era where we are living right now says the other way: bread is just a side dish.

What is God for you – the main dish, or the side dish? While we are doing our ministry to serve Jesus and make Him happy, do we sometimes just pretend that we are doing it for Jesus but instead it’s just another routine? Do we make it look like we are busy doing church stuffs, but we do not ask God for guidance?

I’m in church bulletin ministry, and today I need to go to the church to print out the bulletins. After a long 30 minutes drive, in a cold winter day, I arrived with the information that the church is locked (l.o.c.k.e.d.) and we had to wait until someone with the keys to go back and open the church for us. It was quite weird, because the kitchen people (who were going to prepare the food for Sunday) and we, the bulletin people, hasn’t gone in. I feel really sorry for the people who had to go back to open the church door for us (God bless you guys!), but I couldn’t help but being kinda irritated along the way as well.

After another 40 minutes waiting, we went straight to the printing room, and there was something wrong with the printer/computer (we couldn’t get the bulletins to be printed). Ended up that someone pulled off the cable and blah, so yeah, after a while, we managed to do our ‘job’.

Going home for another 30 minutes drive, I reflected back on my attitude towards my ministry. When does it become ‘just another routine’? I know that I am serving the Lord, but sometimes (especially when you are tired, busy, and in a bad mood…in some sense) you can minister with the wrong attitude.

And by the way, do I put God as the main dish? Certainly not. I didn’t ask God to bless the article that I’m putting, nor for it to be an encouragement for those who need it. It was just another ‘editorial-job’ routine that needed to be printed for Sunday service.

But that was not a job.

That was my ministry to God. I was too preoccupied on all the other stuffs going on and I failed to put God as the main dish of my ministry.

Remember the story about Martha and Maria? While Martha was busy serving Jesus, Maria sat down beside Him and listened to His words. Is something pulling you away from Jesus? Do you spend too much time running programs for your church, perfecting a music practice, or too busy ministering the church and in the end forgot that the most important thing is Jesus to be the main dish, not the side one?

What if Jesus sees everything that you have done, and suddenly asks, “Those works look good, oh by the way, would you like some God with that?”

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