Hillsong Conference 2011

Hillsong conference 2011 checklist:

  1. Waking up at 6am everyday to queue for shower (15 people allocated to 3 bathrooms who need to grab their coffee by 8am and make their way to the conference straightaway).
  2. 4 hours of sleep everyday, 5 tops, and no concealer to hide those scary panda eyebags.
  3. Queuing 2 hours before the session began with thousands others: we were competing for good seats, and sometimes, fresh air.
  4. Seeing at least 100 lighting in every colour and format possible, which danced gracefully towards every tune played.
  5. Screaming, yelling, praising, and worshiping using a different voice that you never know existed!
  6. Three-quarter circular shape screen which has colour composition 999 times better than your iPhone.
  7. The frenzy crowd who were screaming on your ears every time Israel Houghton came out.
  8. At least $10 billions worth sound system whose size as big as a trailer, which produced the perfect combination of amplitude, frequency, volume, and pitch for a 30,000 people capacity building as clear as listening to an iPod using those big, binaural, earcup headsets.
  9. Crazy multimedia that passed every kind of video art on which you think is already the ‘coolest thing ever made by man.’
  10. Entertainment presented by Butter Chicken and team, whose guy talked like a high-pitched old lady who had something in her throat, dressed in shocking gold stockings and black singlets, and never failed to make the irritated crowd (on whom have fought bravely to to get the best seats) laughed a lot.
  11. Powerful messages that left you inspired, filled up spiritually, and fallen in love with God once again.

Putting aside some religious context at hand, most people will agree that “seeing is believing”. For so many years I’ve been told that Hillsong Conference is awesome, but I never really thought of the degree of that ‘awesomeness’. Now that I’ve seen it, I’d say it blew my mind.

Hillsong Conference 2011 Opener, photo by Hillsong Church

The 4-days conference in Sydney is beautifully spiced with terrific multimedia, crazy lighting and lasers, incredible sound system, wonderful Praise and Worship, and of course, POWERFUL messages. Special guest speakers include John Maxwell, Jentezen Franklin, Priscilla Shirer, Nicky Gumber, Jesus Culture, and Christine Caine. Plus, Israel Houghton and Sydney Mohede were there. (OH, I’M PROUD TO BE INDONESIAN).

Watching the highlights once again, I remember the cheers of the crowd – the cries, the screams, the yells – the hearts that were hungry for the Lord. It was such an amazing moment, where thousands and thousands of people just humbled themselves and cried out to God. There, I witnessed the love of the Lord: it was so pure, so loving, so tangible that I felt like I could actually touch it and I will never want to let it go. Never. It was so beautiful, and nothing on earth can be compared to the love of Jesus.

Hillsong Conference 2011 Opener - photo by Hillsong Church


In one word? Perfect. All the videos, the conference news, the special effects, the multimedia, the sound system, everything. They were just perfect. Here are the night’s openers:

Ps. did you notice that it was actually THE Judah Smith singing ‘A Whole New World?’

Ps. did you see the huge, artistic heart that probably weighs over 200 pounds? I wonder how they were able to ship that thing and hang it up 50 meters high ceiling…

Praise and Worship

In one sentence? There was the presence of God. Israel Houghton  and Jesus Culture – they were just wonderful. They are what I refer as people “who raise their voices yet sing with their hearts”. I could see the worship leader of JC smiling while she worshiped the Lord. So genuine, so pure – an expression of their love to the Lord. And of course there was the HS team – Darlene Zschech, Reuben Morgan, Joel Housten, and United.

Hillsong Conference 2011 Opener - photo by Hillsong Church

Hillsong Conference 2011 Crowd - photo by Hillsong Church

Here is one of my favourite songs in Hillsong Conference. It’s titled “Jesus be the Center”, written and sung by Israel Houghton.

There was also another song titled “Blackbird“, an old song, but sung so beautifully.


The messages were so inspiring, powerful, humorous, educational, yet still slapping me in the face. There are so much that I have not known and the ones that I’ve already known, I sometimes forgot, or worse – I don’t live them out. I took my hat off to Priscilla Shirer, whose speaker left a very deep impression on me; Jentezen Franklin, whose words were accompanied with a sense of humour yet spoken with such passion; John Maxwell, whose voice was authoritative yet inspiring; and Christine Caine, whose passion is given to those who are lost, making the greatest commandment as her life pursuit. Other speakers include Brian and Bobby Houston, Nicky Gumbel, Judah Smith, and Scott ‘Sanga’ Samways, among others.

I will break down the messages into several blog posts which I will post in the next couple of days. I hope you will find the message inspiring, and be blessed from them.


It doesn’t seem right to call these ‘souvenirs’, as they are the ones who will bring my faith up to the next level. I bought four books during the conference. Here they are:

"What if life on Monday was as powerful as church on Sunday?"

"For years, we as women have been told we can have it all, be it all and do it all. Inevitably, we too have aggressively set out on a pursuit to achieve this utopian "all."

"Do you remember the hospital, Colton?" Sonia said. "Yes, Mommy, I remember," he said. "That's where the angels sang to me."

Hillsong, teamed with NLT, made the Bible in the era's cup of tea.

This Bible itself is a very attractive one. Check out some of the pages below:

I haven’t started reading any of the books yet, but will definitely start one tomorrow. It may be a while for the reviews to come up, but stay tuned.

“In the beginning God created man for relationship with himself. This Eden time displays the designers original plan and intent…..deep and satisfying relationship between God and people and people with each other.

Disobedience gives birth to original sin which then violently separates the made from the maker, sinful hands tear at God’s great tapestry of grace, trampled and marred till the designer’s original picture is rendered unrecognisable.

Cut off from the divine tapestry, our lives are separated threads without greater purpose or direction, fallen image bearers in a tangled knot of confusion.

Not content to stand idle and watch His original design decay, God intervenes by sending His own divine thread in the form of Jesus…this redemptive Scarlet Thread stained red by the sin of the world.

By His death and resurrection, Jesus is introduced into the loom of life to bind up and restore the original tapestry, now tattered and threadbare.

As our lives are restored by grace, the designer’s original image slowly comes back into view. Each thread is valuable and plays its unique part in the tapestry that declares God’s salvation for everyONE.”

The Scarlet Thread


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