back to reality

After one week of Hillsong Conference in Sydney, and 11 days in food paradise (my lovely hometown Jakarta), here I am, sitting down on my comfy sofa, hugging my sheepish pillow, examining my subjects for the coming semester.

What can I say, I wish I don’t have to study any further (the subject overviews give me headaches already), but I know, I need to keep attacking these ANTS (read: Automatic Negative Thinking Syndrome).

Okay, take a deep breath – have your dinner (at 9.10pm), and be right back.

My first exposure towards this coming semester is a very beautiful one. Well, I got 2 days off – Thursday and Friday. I was thinking to get a part time job and maybe fill my time with further volunteering stuffs and blah. But then again, do you notice the usage of past tense? LOL.

My heavenly timetable for Semester 2 2011

I just got back to Melbourne yesterday. To be honest, I was looking forward to go back – meeting friends, going back to uni, and doing all the routines (and probably arranging some diet program – gained too much weight during the winter break). Now I am faced with the horror of Deafness and Communication, Personality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Introduction to Media Writing.

As far as I am concerned with the two Psychs, I have been taking Psych subjects before, and the exposure equipped me with the readiness (fingers-crossed) of what to expect for these two subjects: some statistics, theories, lab reports – ah, the joy…

Deafness and Communication. I never thought of it to be an easy subject, but I didn’t anticipate it to be hard either! LOL. My first assignment is in a couple of weeks and it is a creative presentation of one aspect of deafness, and you can use any format (brochures, DVD, blablabla). I’ve skimmed through the first required reading for tomorrow’s lecture and it was… ehm, how to say… very rich in information and explanation of something that I have NEVER been exposed before? lol. The subject looks exciting though, but scary enough to make me lose my appetite (literally).

And Intro to Media Writing is in some sense worse. I have 8 assignments (which I believe will be due every week or every two weeks) for every existing media possible (magazine article, reviews, travel journals, and blah – I forgot, just skimmed the pdf before).

Quite a shock when you just got back from paradise, and suddenly – BAM! Welcome to reality, girl!

Now for tomorrow’s lectures, I need to read 6 long articles. I’ve never done this before (you know, reading lecture materials BEFORE the lecture). Maybe I should quit being an ‘aiming-for-getting-good-grades-with-minimum-effort’ student.

Should I apply for part-time jobs? Well it’s no guarantee that I’ll get a job anyway. Maybe I’ll send out my resume this weekend, and see how it goes. Some volunteering stuffs seems fun.

So when people say that your perspective – how you see things – counts, I guess they are right. I am persuading myself to be excited of the coming semester right now, knowing that I will gain invaluable knowledge for my future.


A horrified student’s prayer

Dear Lord,
I know I’ve been naughty lately
had too much fun and no studying
too much eating and no exercising
but when I visited the heaven on earth
and suddenly thrown back to the earth on earth
I’m scared, I don’t want to face my coming semester alone
I pray that You will always be with me
going through these four horrific subjects
I know they are going to be fun.
and btw, Lord, I intend no sarcasm
Thank You.
In the name of Jesus I pray,


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