Melbourne Museum and Tutankhamun Exhibition

Another day as a tourist, and I’m loving it.

I have all eyes and ears set out to Melbourne Museum last Wednesday. Beginning my journey at 12pm, I took the tram to Queensberry Street and walk around 6 blocks to Melbourne Museum (hey – why didn’t I just take another tram or train? Ah, no worries, I need the exercise anyway). Eager and excited, I took out my camera, took out my wallet, and started queuing to buy the ticket: I am going to see 3200 years old artefacts from Egypt! W O W.

It was around 12.30 by then, and it was so crowded that I got myself the 3pm ticket – ah, no worries again, let’s just enjoy the beauty of Melbourne Museum…

As a devoted Psychology student, of course, the first chamber that I went in is the Mind and Body section. And yeah, 80% of the section is there in my studies. I can hardly believe it. The people who are going to Melbourne Museum are actually studying up to second year psych university studies. Ckckck, I might look pretty dumb down there.

Personality test?

After feeling a bit more comfortable with my psychology skills, I head back towards the counter to join the free guided tour at 1.30pm. The tour guide was an Irish man in his 60s, I guess. But he was super good, and super nice as well. He guided us (one couple from Sydney, and a tourist from Germany) from one exhibition towards the other, telling the story of a stranded whale in some beach in Queensland, about the ‘stuffed animals’, and theory of evolution, and the history of Melbourne.

the Melbourne History
some interesting background… for taking photos???
a bit close-up

After going around for about one hour, I felt a bit tired and decided to sit down at the cafeteria, order a latte (which turned out to be… not good, btw) and started reading ‘Chinese Cinderella’. That novel made me literally sobbing in tears! (but that’s another story).


The Exhibition was… fantastic. By the end of the exhibition I felt a strong regret in my heart that I didn’t go to the Titanic Exhibition. I would have absolutely love it. *SIGH. But anyway, we were in the voyage towards the ancient Egypt, where the King Tutankhamun was the ruler. He ascended the throne at 9 years of age, and died unexpectedly at 19 of age.

I saw a lot of things discovered, from the jewelries, accessories, chairs, mirrors, statues, and blah. But I couldn’t help myself but thinking, “WHAT ON EARTH HAVE THESE GUYS DONE?” like, all the exhibits are full of cartouches, drawn in the details that no one can ever imagine. Those sculptures might even be greater than Michaelangelo’s. and each of them tells stories! Dang, life back then was so complicated. lol.

Tutankhamun’s ‘Gate’
my Tutankhamun Exhibition’s ticket!
The photo that can be printed… (read: expensive, expensive, expensive…) well, just take a pic from the computer display!

After spending 2 hours at the exhibition, I know more about Egypt than most of you guys (LOL, joke). But at least I knew a bit more (their culture is kinda interesting.. I wonder how they ever come up to those beliefs: the afterlife, the invention of the gods, the lifestyle, blah…) and gosh, just take a look at the inscriptions! I have no idea how they are able to do that. They were more skillful than the people living today, I guess..

The souvenirs were quite expensive (and I didn’t really bother to buy some), so I just read a couple of Archaelogy books about the myths of the Egyptian curse etc. interesting… and this is the only souvenir that I bought, cost 2$. It’s my cartouche name!

the name ‘Marcella’ in Egyptian language – my cartouche!
How to make your own Cartouche

It was a good day, and my next stop is Scienceworks! (I’m going back to Jakarta, Indonesia tomorrow though, so… that plan needs to wait…)

Happy Holiday!

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