Sanctum (2011)

rating: 3/5

It’s been a while since my last movie review (although I have watched like HEAPS of movies), so let’s start reviewing again.

I’d say that this is quite a good movie, but I won’t say much further. Although the cinematography is incredible (as expected from executive director James Cameron), the storyline is just usual, ordinary and 100% predictable.

Sanctum (2011) is said to be based on the experience of the writer, Andrew Wight, when he was trapped in the cave due to avalanche in 1988. However, it is just the event that is similar, the story is a different one altogether.

While watching this movie, I can’t help but think of the very strong resemblance with the movie Poseideon (2006), which tells the story of a group of people who fight their way to escape from a sinking cruise ship. One by one the people die, leaving only a few survivors (and of course, along the way, the people start to fight each other for the sake of survival).

While Poseidon takes place in a sinking ship, Sanctum tells the story from diving cave. But if you are a serious movie freak (like I am), you will predict what will happen, who’s going to survive and who’s not, and the family issue raised in the first 10 minutes or so.

Nevertheless, the story is unique as it tells us the danger of cave diving, and the ‘sense of reward’ that these divers have when they find ‘the place that no human has ever seen’.

I can’t help but thinking why on earth humans want to sacrifice their lives in order to do cave diving. I know, in a sense it gives hope to people, I guess, as humans are curious creatures that always want to accomplish more. ‘Dare to dream’, is perhaps the right cliche.

Well, when you have time to spare, I guess watching this movie wouldn’t hurt. Just a reminder, it is quite a ‘depressing’ movie that I find myself quite stressed after watching it. lol.


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