the last two weeks – category two

Here is category number two: doing something you have not done before and socialising with friends (ehm, that sounds quite weird LOL). So, we went fishing!

The trip began 00.30 am yesterday when I sent a message to my friend asking what time to go (at that time, I believed that we were going to chadstone shopping center and not fishing). I went to sleep, and 9am in the morning my friend messaged me, “Do we need rice for the fishing trip?” and I was like, “oh, I can’t do fishing this saturday, remind me when are we going again?” and she messaged, “…today?” LOL. So 9.30am I cooked 3 cups of rice and took shower, and ocean trout farm, here we go!

We decided to make a pit stop at Seven Seeds to get my caffeine pleasure. Then, we went to safeway to buy some herbs and spices. Prepared, we finally hit the road!

my latte at Seven Seeds!

After one long hour, climbing the mountain (with car, of course), we finally arrived at the ocean trout farm. (It was somewhere at Mt. Dandenong, called Australian Rainbow Trout Farm, Macclesfield)

ocean trout!

fishing rods!

To tell you the truth, I have no talent in fishing. While everyone else was already on to their second fish, I had not yet caught even one. LOL. But I made it, finally, after switching rod with my friend! (So I guess it’s the rod’s fault?) Anyway, look at this beauty!

fish, fish, fish! fresh from the oven (ooops), pond!

So after paying the fish, seeing the removal of the internal organs and blah, we (there were 4 of us) took our 6 fresh trouts to the BBQ place, and started cooking! A friend of mine skillfully put the butter, lemon pepper, salt, pepper, garlic, and everything else and wrapped the poor fish with aluminum foil. And… we finished all 6 of them! LOL. and 3 cups of rice are gone in a blink. What a day!

fish fish fish, about to be bbq-ed! :p

Feeling very tired after the fishing trip, until now I’m still confused why I took the role as a housewife again. I scrubbed the bathroom, changed my bedsheet, washed my muddy shoes, and after all’s done, I sit there on the sofa, watching LOTR: the fellowship of the ring, and opened my sister’s nail polish collection. (LOL). I have not done this in months (half a year maybe), so yeah, a bit of indulgence!

So far, holiday’s been great! :)


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