the last two weeks – category one

The best part of holiday is that you are able to do everything that you want to do, and for me, that means a lot. I finished my exam on Thursday and straight after that I went to a Korean BBQ all-you-can-eat restaurant. YUM! Super happy. 

On Friday I went to the Uni to return a Psych textbook, and then I went to Journal Cafe (Melbourne CBD) to just sit down, having a proper cup of coffee (it’s been ageeeeesssss since my last proper one), and reading novels! OOOOOHHHH, life’s never been better (exaggeration mode). I re-read one of my favourite novels, The Last Lecture, (view my post about it here), and again, it blew my mind. I was reminded once again to dream, to keep enjoying life, having fun, to be passionate about what I’m doing, and to lead my life the right way. So I closed the novel, pulled out my little notebook (hey, I’m a journalist going-to-be! …not?), and started writing. Here are the exact words:


So I have exactly two weeks of holiday before going to Sydney – Hillsong Conference. I’ll try to live as if these two weeks are the last two weeks of mine. (Because if I say “live each day as if it’s your last”, it would be an impossible leap of faith for me, so… let’s start small!)

Here’s the list – a list of the realistic stuffs I can do and I would like to do over these two weeks. By the end of my two weeks journey I’ll try to look back and reflect on what I have accomplished. Well hey – I’m still learning!

    1. I know I am a quitter, so I need to make specific goals to be achieved. Nothing too big, just one baby step at a time.
    2. No Facebook, Twitter, etc for more than necessary. Limiting your time on the internet and social network increases your free time a LOT!
    3. More exercise. Healthy life is a balance between physical and mental health.
    4. More cooking, and I mean – real cooking. Life’s too short to be spent on eating bad stuffs, so since you have time, utilise it!
    5. More reading. Books are the source of knowledge. Read more. Scribble notes. Engage with the writer. Learn from them!
    6. More religious stuffs on the table. Try to build your relationship back with God. No more giving excuses.
    7. Research. More specifically: JOB RESEARCH! Reflect back on your dreams and tell yourself it’s time to get started. (part-time jobs… part-time jobs…) Lead your life the right way.
    8. Start reminding yourself, disciplining yourself, and start building your character instead of worrying about what others may think. You spend too much time comparing yourself with the others. Life’s never about living your life compared to others anyway, it’s always about living your life.
    9. Appreciate and love the people in your life. Don’t expect them to become someone they don’t. Let them surprise you.
    10. Be committed. It requires hard work to become what you want to be. And yes – don’t ever forget to have fun and experiment!”

So after my little journey, I have decided to break the points into several categories. I will unfold this category one by one as I finished the task.

So category number 1: TO BE A GOOD HOUSEWIFE (to my sister). That same Friday, I went back home, and I CLEANED THE HOUSE. I am so proud of myself that I literally mopped the floors, vacuumed everything, wiped almost all the stuffs, and tidied up my university books. I went to do the groceries yesterday, and decided that it’s time to decorate my apartment. So I bought three frames for my posters (bought the posters a couple of months ago but they were just neglected until now…). Still, I have no idea how to hang these three… LOL

The three posters - now with frames!

Today, I did the laundry, and just now I made brownies! yum. (Although it did not look too convincing, but I can proudly say that my brownies is quite good – scientifically proven with my family, friends, and teachers ;p. Would love to make a business out of it someday. Orders? LOL jk.)

home-made brownies by Marcella Purnama. ;p

So category number 1: to be a good housewife = DONE. Tonight I’m planning to do some more cooking but I promise nothing except that it’ll edible… Hopefully it’ll be a good one. After dinner it’ll be reading time and watching one movie before going to bed!

And category number 2… ah, see the next post! ;p.

“The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think.” Randy Pausch


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