reflection: Year 2, Semester 1

I’m halfway through my degree.

Well, that’s quite a statement. I have done three semesters of Uni so far, and three more to go. So what’s special about this semester? First of all, let’s talk about the exam.

I had two exams, the first one was Developmental Psychology and the second one was Biological Psychology. My first exam was, in a word – epic. And it goes like this…

My Developmental Psych exam’s format consisted of 30 MCQ and 2 essay questions. At that time, I was so focused on the 2 essay questions that I literally forgot about the MCQ. Wait, I didn’t forget, it just did not register in my mind that I actually had MCQ. When my sister asked me, “What’s your exam’s format?” I’ll answer, “30 MCQ, 2 essays.” Yet, I walked into the exam room bringing 3 pens and one mechanical pencil (I brought the pencil for the purpose of scribbling my essay plan, which turned out, it didn’t even have the lead).

After the 15 minutes reading time, I was about to fill in the MCQ form (the one that you need to fill in the circle completely with 2B pencil), and panicked. Literally, I was PANICKING! I brought a mechanical pencil that didn’t even have anything in it, and no eraser, nothing. “This is funny,” I said to myself. So I decided not to think about it, do my essays, and then go back to the MCQ.

I told one of the supervisor that I didn’t bring any pencil, and he said, “Oh, just use a pen.” So, that was what I did. And I practiced the myth of MCQ that says, “usually your first answer is the right one.” Why? Because I literally couldn’t change my answer. I was using a pen!

So I got home, told my sister and friends about it, and here came the scary statement, “Are you really allowed to do that? I thought the system only worked with 2B pencils.” Dang, it even made me more panicked. I e-mailed my tutor right away, trying to look very concerned, and got a reply the next day.

“I checked with the course coordinator, she said it would be no problem.”

So if any of you guys literally forgot that you have MCQ exam, and were not even reminded after seeing the Student Union Exam Helper something something that set a tent to sell all these last-minute-stationary stuffs, relax, you will have the joy on believing in your first answer and not be tempted to change it. In fact, I don’t even bother to check the answers – couldn’t change them anyway… LOL

Apart from that, exams are quite okay. Biological Psych’s exam questions are SUPER tricky though…

So, let’s start on the real reflection.

when you are stressed studying for exams, this is what you do. LOL

1. Net Communication
If you have seen my other blog (which was the final assignment for this subject), you will know a glimpse of what this subject is about. Not being a sarcastic here, but I don’t think you need to take this subject (seriously)… So… here is… my… ehm… confession. Throughout the semester, I only went to the lecture once, no, rephrase, only went to half of a lecture, and never went back ever since. It was a 2-hour lecture per week, and it was not recorded (LOL). To back up my actions, I have three “good” reasons:

Number one, because the first half of the lecture clashed with my psychology lecture (and I prioritise psych more, so I guess it’s logical to go to the psychology lecture instead of this one).
Number two, if I come to the second half of the lecture, I will not understand anything at all (proven once, when I did come to the lecture, I slept).
Number three, well, it’s simply because… the one who’s giving the talk… is quite… ehm… talking in a very different frequency rather than mine (non-scientifically proven with my peers as well).

The take-home lesson here: DO THE SUBJECTS YOU LIKE. I kinda regret taking this subject (it’s teaching us about YouTube, twitter, facebook, blogging, the software – which I didn’t even bother to read about, …), but I did get some fun (interesting facts and information here and there about all these social networks). So Net communication, I’m kissing you goodbye, please be good to me, and give me a good result. (By the way, my first assignment was pretty good, despite of me not coming to the lecture… *this is NOT a green light for students not to go to lectures.)

2. Media and Society
The highlight of this subject is: my lecturer and tutor, who is the same person, really knows how to teach. It’s always nice to see the lecturers actually have the PASSION on WHAT they are teaching. Most lecturers don’t, or at least – I can’t see it. When you lecture with such passion, the students will be enjoying the subject more. I have a high respect on the lecturer. He definitely knew what he was talking about, and he lectured with passion. My marks were slightly disappointing though – hopefully I can get a decent grade, fingers crossed on my final assignment!

3. Developmental Psychology
Before, I thought that I was going to do a child psychology or something like that, but NOPE, after taking this subject, I… won’t. This subject teaches you all about the theories of development and the thinking child and blah blah blah. It was very cool and interesting, yes, but… Oh well, I don’t think I’ll survive. First of all, it’s because of the subject coordinator for child psychology. I was about to take the subject development of the thinking child next semester but canceled it right away. I just couldn’t understand the lecturer. Literally. (again, non-scientifically proven by a friend). And I don’t think I want to spend my time studying on theories; they may be important, but… it’s just not me. My grades in this one were quite decent, I suppose. Below my expectation though, but let’s see the exam (which I don’t really think would turn out too good because I screw up right from the start). So developmental psych, bon voyage!

4. Biological Psych
As an ex-bio person (back when I was in high school), I gotta admit I miss studying all these biological stuffs. But yet again it reinforces my belief that I will never be able to be a bio-person. My sister will tell you why. I can’t differentiate between hemophilia, hypoxia, haematoma, ischaemic, haemorrhagic (which I always pronounce hae.morr.ha.gic. literally, and it drives my sister nuts), orbitofrontal, lateral, posterior, contralateral… (the last bit exposes how bad my spatial is). In sum: I am not a concept-reading, theoretical person! The subject course was awesome, and I had the coolest lecturers ever (voted the best lecturer so far for two of my biopsych lecturers!) But I slept during half of the lectures (ask my friends), and I just couldn’t make sense of those funny vocabularies presented (and after my sister explained the terms, I understood them, and then forgot about them the next day. She was kinda frustrated trying to teach me). The exam was quite a nightmare, although at first it didn’t look like that. The questions were TRICKY. and the options were annoying. It was a 120-MCQ format, and it had a lot of word-playing. I walked out of the exam hall confidently, but went home miserably (exaggerated-mode) after discussing the answers with friends. One word, it was tricky. But hey, let’s just hope for the best.

Ps. I am considering to be a clinical neuropsychologist after doing this subject, but that has to wait until I got the results to determine if whether I have the brain to do it or not.

So a pretty good semester so far, with good friends as well. The semester went too fast though, I didn’t have time to breathe, because there was always an assignment due EVERY week right from the second week, and it didn’t stop until the last week of the semester. Plus, when you are half science (read: psychology) and half arts (read: media com), you need to juggle between assignments (research essays blah) and studying the theories. Feels like I was splitting my brain in half back then.

So next semester I will be talking Cognitive Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Introduction to Media Writing, and a breadth subject. I have not yet decided which breadth subject, but I have my eye on Deafness and Communication. Any thoughts?

Have a great holiday, everyone! and for those of you who are still having exam, all the best! :)

Ps. did anyone really finish reading this? This post was way too long…. LOL.


2 thoughts on “reflection: Year 2, Semester 1

  1. deankoh says:

    I agree on the part about doing modules I like, that’s pretty much what I did as an undergrad. I know a lot of people do modules to get an easy “A” grade but what’s the point if you don’t like it? You should go with the ‘Deafness and Communication’ breadth module! Sounds paradoxical on the surface but I think it will be a lot of fun! :)

    Enjoy your break before the new semester starts!

  2. Ana says:

    Felt I ended up studying a whole new psychology course on this post. :P Enjoy your sem babe! BTW, your post did take me back to my semester days

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