20 minutes. tick tock tick.

I have got 20 minutes before I’m back to study again. Well, I should have been studying 40 minutes ago, but blogging (for my assignment #excuse) is much more fun, so yah, there goes my explanation. But seriously, I never thought that blogging could be this fun, it doesn’t really matter if whether there are actually someone out there who read your writing or not. (well it matters, but yeah, not really, eh.. oh well LOL).

So, an update of life. here it goes.

I made a video! (HAHAHAH!), and this is the funnest part ever.

alert alert: copyright by Marcella Purnama! whoohoooo, finally I’m able to say that. LOL.

and see my blog assignment for more information.

As I have mentioned before, I have a major assignment, worth 60%, and it’s a blog. GOSH. seriously, a blog is worth 60%? I have decided that the subject coordinator is not so smart after all, for a blog to get that HIGH marks means that the blog must be in a very high standard. I hope I’ll get a decent mark. well. at the very least.

But yeah, we are given a choice to do a video instead of a blog post on one of the question, so…. getting tired of writing academically but yet informally (you need to follow certain rules in that assignment, which is pretty weird for a blog), I chose to do a video. It turns out to be like that (see above), well, at least it’s not a disaster! hahaha, there’s always a first thing to everything, right?

Another update of life, now I have a twitter account, a facebook account, two blogs, two yahoomails, two gmails, two hotmails, and one uni account. PLUS, a youtube account. Life is never so busy, eh? of course I never really take care of alllll those, I think I’ll be crashing soon if I need to maintain alllll of those (which I’m not intending to). But seriously, get real… Even though I’m a media student, isn’t it just too much? (*stressed).

And yet another update: out of the 12 hours that I should be going to uni this week, I only attend 2. This is the craziest thing that I ever did as a uni student. On monday, I’ve got 2 hours lectures and 2 hours tutorial. Being given the major assignment (and the material of these lectures are not relevant for my assignment), I decided to skip, and just went to the 2 hours tutorials. Tuesday – Hillsong conference! (stay tuned for more info on Hillsong conference… IF i have the time…). I have 4 lectures on Tuesday, but one of them crashed with another lecture (which means I never go to that lecture since the beginning of the semester), so I skipped the other 3. Wednesday – day off, Thursday… I have 2 tutes and 2 lectures today. But I just COULDN’T wake up in the morning (#excuse…). So skipped one tute. Another tute at 12… well, saw the material….. hmm. “I just do my assignment at home instead of going to uni”. lectures…. ah, just lectopia them. so there you go.

*looking at the time… aaarghhh it’s 4 minutessss moreeee…. *please time, bear with me.. stop for a while… I want to sip my tea and just sit down on the couch… wrapped in my blanket… and relax for a while……….


time does not reply.




As a closing, just wanna say that someone gave me this song, it’s lovely. enjoy! =D


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