Welcome to Twitter, Marcella Purnama!

Sooooo, yeah… I’m officially on Twitter. I have vowed myself NOT to make a twitter account, ever. But I guess it’s time to violate my own vow… Well, I’m a media student, it is logical that I have a twitter account! …riggghtt? lol

Okay, not to sound that negative, I’m actually quite excited to make a twitter account. plus, i found something funny. after i made my account this morning, i asked some friends to “follow me on twitter” kind of stuff. and….. one of them mentioned that there’s another Twitter account using my name and photo! was shocked. LOL

The photo is one of my facebook profile pic, and that account even has the link to my blog (THIS blog). pretty weird. I was like.. errrrr… i NEVER make a twitter account before. so.. thats kinda freaky…but.. oh well, it’s quite entertaining in some ways, i.e. I might have a fan! (HAHAHA, jk… I’m sleep deprived and in psychology it means disturbed mood, and am showing some mania right now…)

Okay, this is a reflection of how devoted I am to media and communication, trying to maximise all those different portals to achieve my goals… but don’t get me wrong, I don’t 100% agree with how the new media is represented right now :p.

So, happy Monday guys, and follow me on Twitter! @marcellapurnama, http://twitter.com/MarcellaPurnama

follow me on twitter @marcellapurnama


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