Being a Woman.

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers who read this post.

Today, I went to church as usual, hoping that I wouldn’t fall asleep in sermon due to my deprived sleep yesterday. God answered my prayer. and not only that, the sermon was incredibly good.

My pastor’s wife walked up the stage, and I could tell that she was going to say something good. She’s a psychologist, and I really like her sermons. They are always straight to the points, easy to follow, and have all those research and psychology factors. love them.

So today’s sermon is about “BEING A WOMAN“.

As a woman, I don’t really give much thought of what ‘being a woman’ really means. Like a woman’s callings, her characteristics, and what God wants her to do in this world. This sermon is family-oriented, but yeah… all single women right now will eventually have a family, right…? (okay, most of them).

One thing that really interests me is the role of a woman.

Women, you are called to be a helper to your husband, a mother to your children. That is what you are made for.

A helper. You are made to ‘help’, that’s why dominant woman in the family is not healthy for the relationship. When God made Adam, God gave him a mission, to take care of the earth. and He saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone, so He gave him Eve, a “helper”. A woman must not lead the course of their family; a woman helps her husband to fulfill his mission from God. That’s why choosing the right “Adam” is important. if a couple has very different callings, it’s very hard for the wife to support the husband. even if she does, she might not do it wholeheartedly – it can be that it’s not her passion, not her calling, not her purpose, or just not ‘her’. A man needs support from his wife. if you’re looking for the right partner – see their callings, are you able to support him all your life?

A mother. The sermon mentioned that it is okay for women to be career minded and to go to work (maybe to get second income, support family, or to strive for own goals and dreams). BUT, if it makes her to neglect her family, then NO is the answer.

So is it wrong for a mother to work?

the answer is NO, but women need to be able to divide the time between career and family, especially when her children need her the most. when mothers do not attend to the children and they grow up without knowing their mother, by then, it’s too late. A woman is called to manage her family, and to teach her children how to live accordingly in God’s way.

and the next part is interesting… what does a woman need from her partner?

A woman wants a man who can be the HEAD of the family, who is able to lead. woman needs SECURITY, either physically (monetary, protection; is he able to provide for the family?), or emotionally (does he really love me?). A woman who seeks a potential partner, wants a man who knows what is he going to do with his life (the course he sets, the mission he wants to fulfill), and she will see if whether she can walk with him in reaching his mission.

And… woman wants to be loved – and it’s not like just merely saying “I love you” or something, woman needs proof – the actual actions of the man. i dont think i need to elaborate on this :p.

So yeah, it’s kinda hard being a woman! – in a sense. so women, be what God has called you to be, choose the men who can lead the family and able to love and respect you as well. men, choose your women wisely, who will support you and be a good mother to your children.



One thought on “Being a Woman.

  1. Thanks for the wonderful read! I, too, am a Christian woman. I work and am not a mother, even after eleven years of wedded bliss. I may never be a mom, and I’m okay with that. I come from a very matriarchal family where the women have a say in everything, but we don’t rule the roost by tearing down our partners. If anything, we are a family of equal partnerships. Over time, I’ve had to come to terms with the “man is the head of the house” and that he should “love his wife as Christ loved the church.” That kind of authority comes with great responsibility! :) I’ve learned that, for spiritual unity in our home, sometimes it is better to let him take the lead on some things. It’s all about balance, and women are the only ones skilled enough to find it!

    Thanks again for a great read, and congratulations on being “freshly pressed” today.

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