The power of Kurt Nilsen

This is what students do (well, this is my hypothesis, and at least it applies to me) while researching their assignments: they research on YouTube instead.

I was doing my assignment (well, trying to do it, at least) yesterday when a friend of mine gave me a YouTube link on Jack Vidgen singing I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. and YES, he’s got power!!! I laugh HARD when someone on YouTube commented, “way to go, Jack Vidgen! save us from Justin Bieber.” Not to be sarcastic here, but yeah…. JB is WAY too over-rated. so I kinda agree with the comment. LOL.

Thinking that YouTube is a better excuse rather than Facebook (researching a good music is important, YES?), I began to research on this Jack Vidgen. Apparently he sung a song titled, Hallelujah, and I thought – wait a minute, I heard this song before. So I YouTube-d the song, and it turns out that Shrek movie has used that song.

and that was when I found Kurt Nilsen.

the first thought on my mind was, “POWER.” This guy, although he only got 20seconds of singing his part, his voice blew my mind!

Then I found out that he was a world idol. and once again, “POWER.”

ok, time for more research.

well, again, “POWER.” LOL.

enjoy one more song, will ya?


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