feet condition updated: it might not be cellulitis

Okay here it goes, after going to GP yesterday, she said that the swelling might be due to allergic reaction. Well, I’m not convinced, neither does my sister. As long as I live, I never have any allergic conditions, and I didn’t do anything weird for the past few days, so yah. weird. Anyway, she prescribed an anti-allergic medicine and my sister got me a pain-killer medicine as well (because yes, it HURTS). so yah…

So anyway, good news first: I DON’T FEEL ANY PAIN. well, i dont know if it’s good or bad, but at least I can walk without any difficulty (even though it doesn’t necessary mean that the disease has gone away..).The swelling has been reduced (well, they are still swollen but they are not as bad as before). so yah, overall, i think, a good progress.

Not so good news: they are still red, and somehow the ‘intensity’ of the red increases. the colour somehow changes from pink-red, to red, to dark-red – kind of brown-red bruise colour, if you can imagine what colour is that. hmmm. it is suggested that I have eryhema nodosum (i dont know what that is, go google). somehow I feel like my life revolved around medicine these past few days (with sister as a medical student and friend as a doctor). and now suddenly, i got diagnosed with pitting edema.

scared now.

hope they will be better soon, really want to goo out tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and dayssss after tomorrow. hahah.

quite an emo day today – compounding factors, even though the weather is so nice.

First day diagnosis - cellulitis

Second day diagnosis: might not be cellulitis.


2 thoughts on “feet condition updated: it might not be cellulitis

  1. nice pics of the feet. now got bilateral mild pitting oedema. i am slightly worried, but i dont know whats wrong with your feet.. hmmm. we hope it resolves before we go out of town for holiday :(

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