I can feel my body temperature dropping. Of course, as a psychology student, you have already learnt that. How the circadian clock of your body regulates your body temperature and an alarm goes into your brain, screaming “sleep!!! Sleep!!! Sleeeeppppp!!!”

It’s not an insomnia, oh no. Im not having any sleep problem in any way. I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to go to toilet, and finding myself wanted to cry due to the pain from both my feet.

I got cellulitis. On both feet. They were badly swollen. Oh, dont be so dramatic, Marcella, its not as bad as it sounds. My sister diagnosed me with that disease a couple of hours ago. My feet were tender, and extremely painful when you try to walk, or even lower your feet to a certain level. I tried walking earlier, the pain was unbelievable. I found myself nearly crying as I bumped into the side of my bed trying to crawl back under my blanket.

Cant sleep, no one’s online, facebook got nothing interesting. Ok – go blogging.

I thought of taking my laptop n doing my assignment but then I realise that i need to walk to the kitchen and grab my faithful Mac. Uh-oh, no, not even an option.

It seems like im complaining so much (which i am) and as a successful psychological student i will diagnose myself as having a disturbed physiological body function, secreting too much *something, i think its hormone, cant remember the name, from my amygdala that causes negative emotion to rise up. Plus, it’s 2am, which means i’m sleep-deprived, and am probed to the condition of being depressed. My lecturer would be happy to know that I still remember these stuffs, although i’ve been sleeping in his lectures for 6 times straight (read the textbook at home instead).

Okay, enough for the depression stuff, time to show some mania.

Maybe my feet got swollen to give me signs? Okay, now you r asking, “signs? What signs?” i hav noooo idea. Maybe because i just watched ‘Serendipity’ thus i become skeptic about all this. But im grateful, Lord, for these two feet… Im sorry i havent taken good care of both of them, please heal them soon and show some miracle…

Apart of swollen feet, life’s been great. I went to a latte art class and it was extremely cool (and impossible to believe how it’s so hard to make a heart shape and a rosetta consistently). I have managed to *almost finish my assignment due Thursday, just need some final editing, and I’ve got an Easter break coming up!:) plus, someone’s been taking good care of me lol. seriously, i need to get better soon, i dont want not to be able to walk on my own birthday! :p

Okay, guess writing stuffs really makes you feel better. I’m a complainer who almost feels like exploding before, feeling happy that i didnt give up and sin. now i feel that my bed has been calling my name and saying goodnight.

Ps. Thanks for the random thought at 2am. Im thinking about you now, and it already makes me a lot better.

Below are the pics of my rosetta and heart shaped coffee. Not too good, but i guess i just need practice!:)



my first heart-shaped ;)




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