she is my sister. her name is Christina Purnama.

I remember the day when I was 17. I was dressed in my white evening gown and my first sister hosted the party. She was the event organiser, the MC, the worship leader, the one who lead the games, and yes, she was the masterplan of everyhing in my 17th birthday. I asked her to help me make a video for my 17th birthday. I didn’t expect it to be bizarre – just a slideshow of my life. But out of her perfectionist and loving character, she asked her brother in law to make the perfect video for me. Yes, it made me cry.

Christina Purnama, my first sister

My first sister, named Christina Purnama, was born in 1985, going to be 26 years old this year. She got attached last December (sorry to disappoint some of you!), and it was a very beautiful wedding. Yes, she was really, really pretty as well. My first sister has always been the ‘leader’ among us three, and she always takes care of her two little sisters. She is a sanguine and the soul of the party.

7 years apart and people still mistaken us as twins. I don’t know if is it me who looks 7 years older or is it her that looks 7 years younger. Many people have mistaken our voice as well, calling me as “Ricci” (her nickname) on the phone. I guess we are sisters.



Back when I was little, I used to admire her a LOT. It’s not a secret that I always want to be like her –  beautiful, charming, energetic, happy-go-lucky personality, and caring. I remember the endless phonecalls from the guys when she was in high school. She is really, really popular (was the prom queen I believe), involved in many activities such as the student council, youth group, and blah, and is the ‘joker’ in our family. I remember whenever the three of us is back in Indo, the car is suddenly very ‘alive’ – my first sister is always the one who makes conversation and cracks some jokes. She is not childish, but ‘child-like’, she can be serious when she needs to be serious, but other than that, she is really fun to be with.

smiling =)

She has a very good voice, able to organise events, is very detailed, and got a very high confidence in herself. When our family is having our holiday, she is always the one who organises everything. I remember the time when our family went to Hong Kong and she literally is our tour guide. She made the timeline, the bookings, the places to go to, and blah blah blah. I wouldn’t be able to do that. None in our family is able to do that but her. She has that gift.

The one thing that I really admire from her is that she is willing to put others first (well, at least, me ;p). Sometimes it’s just the small things. I remember when we went to Disneyland Hong Kong, she accompanied me to take picture FIRST, then she will take pictures AFTERWARDS. She let me to go for the best spot to take pics. I remember she always asks the family member of what we want to do and then tries to accommodate all our wants into the itinerary first. I remember her always thinking of me and buying stuffs from Singapore (clothes etc), and she even still remembered her sisters when she was in her honeymoon – and bought many gifts for us. She is willing to go the extramile, skip her lab, and accompany me to go around Singapore. I remember when I was having holiday in Singapore, she has always set aside the time for me, even though she is really, really busy and has a packed schedule.

My first sister likes purple, loves vegetables, and has a very good sense of fashion. And have I told you that she is really smart? She is now doing her BioScience phD in NTU, Singapore. Although sometimes she is realllyyyyy scary when she is angry, she is a very lovely person. I’m sooo proud of her, and I love her very much.

face painting!

Sometimes we don’t contact each other that often anymore, but she is still my dear sister, a very fine young lady indeed. I know I’ll be able to rely on her whenever I need her, especially in 5-6 years time when I have my wedding LOL. *kiss

She is my sister. her name is Christina Purnama.

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