weird monday, frantic wednesday.

So what’s happening in my life lately? There are lots and lots to write about, but these ones (the things that I’m about to write) are just… bizarre. well, not really. hahah. I’m just exaggerating. *blame the caffeine.

*warning: broken english, wrong grammars, etc are used.

Anyways, this Monday, I went to uni as usual, feeling stressed because assignments are due soon… but… it’s oke lar, I still got a couple of days to finish them off. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them SOON. after having lunch, I went to Redmond Barry Building for my psych tute and guess what? the fire alarm is ringing. I thought, “oh great, it’s just a hoax lah, it’ll stop soon.” After waiting for 15 minutes, at last the alarm stopped. But then, guess what? the power was down…

after consulting with our tutor (who is as confused as we are), we decided to cancel the tute as there was nothing that can be done (that day’s tute was about a software in the lab comp), and I went home. andddd….. I vacuumed the house, I washed dishes, did some cleaning, and rushed back to uni because I still have a lecture in the evening. Pretty weird? YES. I have no idea what I went home. I just felt like it.

After finishing my last lecture, I went to the city, sat in borders, and start browsing for books. then… I went home and cooked.

That was my weird monday, but today was even more…. weirder.

Yesterday I opened my uni email and I found out that there was a replacement tute (the one that I missed) at 12 that day (WHICH I HAVE MISSED). I was wondering to myself why i didnt open my email, and I was wondering even more why it is so short-noticed. (it’s not even 24-hrs!). Anyways, that means i need to go to another tute. So i opened the university timetable, and search for tute that can accommodate more students (psych tutorials are so famous and often overfull). I decided to go to 9am tute this morning, although today is my day off. *sigh.

Woke up late, I rushed to uni without breakfast (uh-oh, big mistake), and after 30 minutes sitting down the tute, the tutor said that I cannot be there for the rest of the tute!!! Okay, so why, I asked. She said that the 9am class is already full and it’s the policy that students from another tute can’t go to this tute (and I still see several empty seats lingering there!). After talking for 5 minutes to the tutor, telling excuses and asking for exceptions, okelah, I’m tired. She said that there’ll be another tute at 11, and I can go to that one. Fine, I’ll go and return later.

I walked down towards the 5th floor where the lab comp is (my tute is at 11th floor) and yes, I almost cried actually (which is pretty stupid). But I was just angry and quite mad…and obviously sad, I think it’s because the tutor didnt show any empathy while she said “it’s the policy”. well, it’s not my fault that my tute got canceled on monday…. but oh well, nevermind, I just do my assignments while waiting for the tute. Maybe I can do something useful.

So I went back at 11 to the same class, same tutor, and she said that…… sorry. I mixed up the tutes. It’s supposed to be the 9am class that accepts students, and this one (11am one) is the one that’s full. i’m really sorry.

…yeaaaaaaahhhhhh……… Well, at one point I can see that she was feeling really, really guilty for making me (and several other students) leave when we were in the 9am class, but yeahhhhhh…… *SIGH! hahahah. so not mature of me, *sigh.

So we sat down through the whole tutorial and and after the tute ended, my friend just stormed out the tute class. when we met outside, we were like. OH COME ONNNNNNN…… or something like that. and we told our stories lah (which were basically the same thing) about the tutorial. Because of attending the 11am tute, she needs to skip one of her lecture that requires attendance (btw, this tute is very important for our assignment because the result of an experiment was distributed and we need it for our lab report). so yeah, anger exploded.

After talking about it in the tram, we finally agreed to “let it go” and “forget about it” because it’s been done anyway, and we cant do anything about it. Why am i writing this story? because I’m trying to forgive the tutor. it’s a little thing, really, not a big thing or blah, but i guess im just immature and a part of me demands ‘justice’, or whatever you want to call it.

PHEWWWW, writing it feels good =D lol. so I just want to say that, Wed 9am/11am psych tutor, whom name I do not know, I forgive you. im sorry for condemning you and telling the story to another 2 people (and all people who read this blog), but please shows some empathy when you say that it’s the policy. I know you cant do anything about the policy, but at least please try to understand our feelings that we may have something else more useful to do (doing our assignments, sleep longer, or even have breakfast!)… I know u did it unintentionally.

so yeah, for the rest of the day, I had fun =D. went for lunch, coffee, doing some work, and of course – shopping. ;p. after i went home, I was doing some work for my lab report, and I remembered it once again (which I have decided to forget and forgive). So maybe it’s best to do it this way so that I may get over it completely. and yes, i think it works! =D

oh yeah hav i told u guys that I cut my hair..... very, very short! LOL is it seeable??? =p

and by the way, ive got another assignment, which is blogging. hahah. so feel free to see and read what’s inside my subject: LOL.


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