revelation, hmm!

So here is what I discover last Friday: I think I’m a drinker! Well, not in a sense that I like to drink alcohol and blah, but anything in general. My lovely day will include a hot cup of Milo (milk) for breakfast, a cup of coffee at brunch, water for lunch, juice in the evening, and a hot cup of tea at night, after dinner (and occasionally alcohol, of course). Even hot water is really, really, NICE! =D. Not enough to prove that I’ve got a passion in drinks? That’s alright, I still think it’s a revelation =D.

So what I’m planning to do is to master each genre of drinks. lol. But. it. takes. lots. and. lots. of. money. =D. it’s my main dilemma. Do you know that a good coffee machine + grinder will cost about $2000? Gosh, where will I get that lol. need a lot of savings. hahah.

Anyway, I’ve decided to take 3 different genres in drinks: coffees, cocktail, and juice.

coffee = art!

I LOOOOVEEEEE coffees. Well, not that much but still, I think coffee is a good way to have quality time with someone and just enjoy your morning, relaxing before the rush starts. A great coffee will put a smile on your face, first by looking at the texture (coffee art), and then by taking that first sip which stays in your tongue, and later on by the warmth that the coffee gives to your body. It’s just a delicate kind of drink that enables you to love your harsh morning, especially when you are unenergised. I think, coffee is an art =)

one of my favourite wine: T'gallant Moscato =D

Cocktail. Hmmmm, I love wine =D (planning to do the course later on heheh), and I’m highly interested in cocktails, although I never actually taste many of it. I know I’ve tried capriosca (a blend of vodka, lime juice, err.. can’t remember.. please correct me if I’m wrong lol) once, but I can’t remember tasting other cocktails. I remember one day, when I went to Cumulus Inc. restaurant. The bartender there was just soooo coooollll! He can play with different alcohols and mixing them up in such a way that they look really astonishing…. I like. =D

Juice! I think it’s the healthiest drink among three, but too bad, I DON’T have a blender. I’m thinking of buying one, but it’s expensive as well. I might bring one from Indo (hahah), but still not quite sure yet. I’ve bought a smoothies and juice book and it’s just sitting there on the shelf without being opened! I was so eager to make a banana milkshake before. Oh welllll…..

So yeah, I think I like drinks. But not milk tea lol. I think tea and milk is a mistake (sorry, milk tea lovers!) but that’s the only (maybe) type of drink that I do not like. It’s sweet in some sense but also sour, and is kinda strange I guess…? lol I don’t know. I’m still curious why people in Laurent really like their English Breakfast Tea with a jug of milk. I’ve tried it once in Mt. Dandenong’s Miss Marple, and it was a weird taste… Oh well, my sister loves milk tea though, so I can’t say much about it lol.

So if any of you thinking of giving me a gift (I wish!!!!), would you pleeaaaseeeeee give me a Home Barista Institute’s voucher to attend the Professional Barista Course, a decent coffee machine + grinder, maybe a blender/juicer, Cocktail course’s voucher, or perhaps AUD$10,000? lol. Jk. Oh well, I’ve got a caffeine rush today. Sooo hyper (90% is my sister’s fault: 50% is because of asking me to go try a new cafe, 40% is due our quality time talking about these stuffs. LOL).

sooooooo, hydrate more, people! =D

3 thoughts on “revelation, hmm!

  1. because i am your sister, i (may) need to buy you a gift (esp for your bday), and you’re putting a lot of pressure on me already! (voucher for training, coffee machine, blender…). we shud do some work instead of having too much quality time! and im sitting next to you, commenting your blog. i think u are chatting at the moment…? and i need to do some work now! hahaha…

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