“Because life is short. and enjoyable.”

I read my sis’ latest post in her blog today. And at the end of her writing, she wrote that.

Sometimes I forgot how short life is. it is short – and yet enjoyable. The last one month that I’ve spent in Melbourne, basically doing ‘nothing’, is the month that I enjoy the most. I went to various restaurants with my Mom, I drove to Mount Dandenong and got a lil’ bit lost, I watched movies, went socialising with friends, and I can’t believe that I say this but I quite enjoy cleaning the house. Sis, I hope you’ll never read that sentence. lol

10 days – date with my Mom.

1. Birdman Eating
I brought my mom to eat here, and I hope that she likes it =D. we ordered some western dishes that she hasn’t tried before (wagyu hamburger, pork, prawns, erm, can’t really remember =D), and YES, we eat toooo much. After going here, we went to Crown to eat dessert (and TOO BAD that Greco has closed!), so we got hot chocolate instead.

2. Ladro
Since my mom has a special request (to eat the authentic pizza here, not the one like pizza hut back in Jakarta), so I decided to take her to Ladro, one of the most famous restaurant for making pizza! We ordered one pizza pastrami (6 slices, very biiiig), and one dessert (some Irish scone with ice cream). Sooooo fullllll… but it was a good dinner.

irish scone with ice cream and caramel sauce!

3. Giorgios
One of the best sticky date pudding in town is here! So we ordered two coffees (latte for mom, mocha for me), sitting outdoor at around 4 or 5 pm, and yes, enjoy our evening coffee with our superb dessert on a summer day =D. We sat there for two hours and I finally introduced my mom to my lifestyle of “ngafe-ing” in Melbourne lol. To tell u the truth, I think she quite likes it.

sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and cream =)

4. Max Brenner!

Although Jakarta has too much exotic shopping mals and such, Westfield is still the best =D. So I brought her there, we ate at the food court (kebab, i think), and looked around the shops (and bought a lot) =D. And after that, we sat down in Max Brenner! sooo… one suckao, and one waffle. YUM =p.

waffle, with banana, strawberries, ice cream, and chocolate!

say hello to suckao!=D

5. Next destination: Mt Dandenong!
Okay, I almost got lost here, but thank God, I was not! we went to Miss Marple, Pie in the Sky, and Sky High. We ordered scone, one pie, Irish tea, sundae, and bought a couple of things… well I gotta say, it was a good vacation =D. and lots of eating. the sundae we ordered in Miss Marple was extremely BIG, and it took forever for us to finish it (which we didnt, by the way). We bought some tea and couple other stuffs, and it was quite a challenge to drive to Mt Dandee, with your gps not working and your mobile on ‘no service’! =D

The mocha served in Pie in The Sky. Know Toby's Estate? =D it's quite famous in Melbourne!

Sky High!

the clouds in sky high

Miss Marple's special tea =D

miss marple's sundae... it's D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S =D

6. Laksa KING!
Yes, it’s the king of all laksa =D. My mom, who doesn’t like laksa, will crave for laksa king once she’s in Melbourne =D.

the famous seafood curry laksa! dangerous, not healthy, full of cholesterol, but.... EXTREMELY FANTASTIC =D

7. Menya’s Gyutandon
I think all students (well, Indonesians), just love gyutandon =D. I know I do! (and so does my mom! ;p). If you are Indonesian living in Melbourne and never try Menya’s Gyutandon, it’s located in Melbourne Central, next to Boost, and you DEFINITELY got to try it =D heheh.

quailllllllllllllll!!!!! and scallops,,, and kangkung balachan… areeee justtttttt fantastiiicc foooddd!! =D. too bad I didnt get a picture, but believe me, apart from the customer service, the food was superb =D

Okay, that was the main thing we did in Melbourne: EAT. no wonder I can’t diet, and my mom keeps on complaining to me on how all those fats are still stored in our bodies. hahaha. LOL..

Okay, so they were my first 10 days in Melbourne. Just wait for the next 20 days =D


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