“Because Life is short. and enjoyable.” (cont’d)

one month of doing nothing is awesome. I got to socialise more, cook more, eat more, watch more, read more, exercise (ooopsss) more, and love more. I’m loving life. I’m enjoying life.

Enjoying life #1: friends

we hang out. we watch movies together. go to cinema. we play badminton. we jog at the beach. we wake up at 6.30am just to jog. we do sleepovers. we go for coffees. we catch up. we take pictures. we comment on our pictures. we eat. we watch horror movies. we go for a walk. we chat. we watch tennis together. we eat pizza, nandos… we go to chinese festival. we do shabu-shabu.

we are friends =).

Jogging at 7.30am at Port Melbourne

summer sunshine~

brunch at threebagsfull =)

Face painting, @chinese festival

Chinese Festival!

Enjoying life #2: movies

Oh.how.i.love.to.watch.movies!!! I think i’ve watched 50 movies at least during this past month. I watch 2 movies (minimum) per day, so you do the maths =D. Here’re (some) of the movies that I’ve watched:

The Ultimate Gift, The Gifted Hands, The Legend of the Fist, 14 blades, Confucious, Ip Man, My Girlfriend is an Agent, Detectives in 40 minutes, Diary of Wimpy Kid, How to Train Your Dragon, Jonah Hex, Letter to God, OngBak3, Salt, The Road, Up, Galileo, Men of Honor, Marley and Me, No Reservations, Notting Hill, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, He’s just not that into you, the Princess and the Frog, Chicago, What a girl wants, Naruto, Paranormal Activity 2, 3 idiots, the Town, Buried, Ponyo, A Dog Year, Alpha and Omega, Despicable Me, Harry Potter 6, Kick Ass, Legend of the Guardians, Life as we know it, Megamind, Red, Step up 3, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Burlesque, You Again,….. and many more. I can’t remember all LOL….

Oh yeah, surprisingly, Legend of Guardian is good. as well as Sorcerer’s Apprentice. If you haven’t watched 3 idiots and My name is khan, they are HIGHLY recommended. If you like Chinese, 14 blades is a must. do not watch buried. I end up watching it through fast-forward. Megamind is quite ok, The Road is a big NO, Jonah Hex is VERY SIMILAR with ghost rider. Most people like Red, but i dont like it. Unstoppable is awesome, Burlesque is better than Chicago, OngBak is quite weird, Confucious is super heavy, I still can’t understand the story until now. Letter to God is inspiring, Salt is ok only. Oh well, I need to stop talking about movies.

Enjoying life #3: coffee!

Well at least now I’ve tried another two of the best cafes in Melbourne: Three Bags Full and St Ali!

Three Bags Full’s breakfast was GREAT! =D and the interior was relaxing as well. highly recommended =D. The coffee was good as well, although it’s slightly too bitter for me, but now i know why it is awarded as a five-bean (one of the best) coffee in Melbourne =D.

Three Bags Full!

Three Bags Full's mocha ;) hmmmmmm =)

St. Ali’s coffee was SUPERB =D. Okay, I think St Ali’s coffee is better than threebagsfull, but it depends on your own taste as well. the chicken wing is also good as well =p. the interior is quite ok (well, basically it’s just a warehouse ;p).

St Ali's mocha =)=)

chicken wing and potato =)

Enjoying life #4: Reading and Writing

You get to read books, you get to write whatever you want, in your own time… =D either blogging, journaling, writing letters, whatever…

Enjoying life #5: cleaning the house

I still can’t believe that I’m saying this but… being a housewife for a month is not that bad. i think now i know  why women are willing to clean the house and do the house works – it’s not always because it’s the duty of a housewife, but they do it because they love the people who live in the house! (including themselves). I think they take pride on themselves when they see the house clean and presentable to anyone who happens to walk in.  =D.

Enjoying life #6: COOKING

It’s quite an interesting thing to do (cooking) =p. You are able to mix all the ingredients you want, and hoping that the dish will turn out alright, edible, and delicious =D. well, at list my sister WILL eat my cooking no matter what LOL.

Enjoying life #7: SPORT

I’ve been playing badminton for the 3rd time today! Well it’s not a ‘heavy’ game or something, so sad, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, I did cycling once (hopefully will be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning and go cycling again), and jogging twice already. Healthier? maybe. skinnier? a big NO. hahah.

Enjoying life #8: CHATTING + Facebook

LOL, it’s good to catch up with your friends while you can! you got to know various interesting stories and what’s happening in their lives right now. although most of our conversations are not that important, but oh well, socialise =D.

Soooo, life’s short, and enjoyable, right? =).


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