proud of the Purnamas ;)

hey you! ;) I’m just here to say, I’m proud of my family! Of my loving mother who cooks for me everyday, my dad who accompanies me to play bowling, my first sister who always buys me stuffs from everywhere (korea, taiwan, singapore, and even bali ;p), n my second sister who is in PNG right now, doing some self-discovery! (kidding, she’s doing her medical internship or something ;p)

the Purnamas!

Anyway, I’m dedicating this to my second sister, for her awesome awesome blog and wonderful stuffs that she wrote in PNG. She’s grown up! (now I sound like an old woman), but she truly is ;) I’m amazed of her ways in seeing things, and a good thing that she lives with me in Melbourne, she should transfer some of her skills to me ;p

So please, check her blog:

and some her posts that are truly inspirational:

I lovee u sisss!!! n keep up the good work ;) always been proud of the Purnamas, and lotsss offf hugs n kisses from home! ;)

*oh by the way, my second sister’s name is Jessica Purnama, in case you are wondering ;p.


One thought on “proud of the Purnamas ;)

  1. Suddenly my Site stats rocketed sky high.. It was a delightful surprise but it also put more pressure because now I need to write more sense than non-sense! haha.. anyway we r proud of the Purnamas!

    I shall do some more studying, soul searching, and some more… cooking. In PNG, that is.

    See you in Melb!

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