2am thoughts.

Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I was about to go to sleep  but I just can’t. It’s the 29th now. I’ve got 3 more weeks ’til I go back to Melbourne. Well, that also means, 3 more weeks till i get back to work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job ;). and I’m the one who insists to go back to Melbourne earlier so that I can work. But it’s 2am, and your mind is a lil bit tricky, you know that?

Well, the truth is, maybe I am a little bit scared to go back to work.

I hate failure. All of us hate that word. Now I’m afraid that my manager will think of me that way.

I’ve been away from work for 2 months and now I’m forgetting everything. I’m used to my old life, being served, no need to do anything at all. I no longer remember the ingredients in the sandwiches, nor I know how to do stuffs properly again. I’ve tried to remember, but I just couldn’t remember all the details. I no longer know which cakes have what names, moreover the flavors.

Well, I’m quite sure when I get back to work these memories will return to me, but I’m just afraid that it will take longer time.

When you’re not working, all you want to do is apply for a part-time job. When you have a job, you’re thinking of quitting, what a pathetic truth ;p.

I think that’s when commitment kicks in, right?

I remember one day. I was working. It was a very tiring day. A lady walked in and bought coffees. And she said, “It’s nice to see a smiling face here.”

That’s what I’m aiming for.

Something that I hope I will not forget.


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